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Authors Purpose

No description

Kelley Lyons

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Authors Purpose

Authors Purpose
Easy as P.I.E.

The Underground Railroad was a secret organization which helped slaves escape to freedom. Many slaves
were able to escape because of the conductors and station masters. The northern states were free states
and slaves were free once they arrived in the north. Secret codes and signals were used to identify the
conductors and station masters.
It was a glorious morning in Alabama. The sun was shining through the trees. Alan couldn't wait to find his
fishing pole and call his friend Sam to go fishing. They had a great time on these early morning fishing trips.
They took their dogs with them and the dogs would swim in the lake while they fished. It was so funny to
watch those dogs paddle around the lake.
The Slim-O-Matic will cause you to lose pounds and inches from your body in one month. This amazing machine helps you to exercise correctly and provides an easy video to show you the proper way to exercise. Send $75.99 and begin exercising today
The AUTHOR’S PURPOSE is the reason that the author chose to write the passage. When discussing
author’s purpose we usually use verbs such as persuade, entertain, or inform, or some combination of these.

Writing to Inform
(often called expository writing)

Expository writing shows or explains facts

Writing to Entertain:
Stories. Have a beginning, middle, and an end

A story may have a lesson, but the author's purpose
is to Entertain
Writing to Persuade
Attempts to influence the reader
Usually makes an argument
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