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Google Apps. for Education

Presentation for the NAPD

Frieda Crehan

on 22 May 2011

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Transcript of Google Apps. for Education

Google Apps. for Education Context Pre-submitted Assigments VLEs,LMS or LCMS Knowledge Ecconomy DCG Practical Coursework
EngineeringPractical Coursework
HomeEconomics Project
Agricultural Science Practical Coursework
Metalwork Project
LC Technology Practical Coursework
LCVP Link Modules Portfolio
LC RE practical coursework journal,
LC Music,Higher Level Elective in Composing,
LC History Research Study Report
JC Science Coursework Booklet
JC Project Work in CSPE
JC Religious Education Journal

NCTE Tender What is a
VLE or
LMS? VLE = Virtual Learning Environment
LMS = Learning Management System
LCMS= Learning Content Management system Examples: Why? The 5Cs Communication Collaboration Creativity Cloud Cost Accessiblity
Anytime Anywhere learning
More space
Less worries about security Email
Mailing lists Chat Calendar E-Mail Documents Sites Video How We use in MCS Free for Education
On-line support
Reasonable certification cost $70 Simultaneous editing Tool box to generate
& store digital media New JC 2012 Changing Educational Paradigms: List of Current Continous Assessments: All Staff and Students have Accounts Mailing lists for staff, years and classes All Staff can edit the school website Work can be emailed between staff and students Sites are made collaboratively with learners Email Sites Sites are used as resource banks for students There are Class sites & Individual sites Collaborative
Invitations Filtered
Mailing lists
Shared Contacts Easy to create
Levels of access
Staff and students
Can be shared Stored online
Easy to use
Images and videos
Embeddable Large storage space
Embeddable Restricted
Recorded All school policies are shared and collaborated upon
Students use forms for surveys
Students can work on docs at home Documents Student lists based on year of entry

Chat Students and Teachers IM each other Calendar Used to maintain the School Calendar Any future questions:
0878263811 https://sites.google.com/a/malahidecs.ie/malahide-community-school/
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