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The Byzantine Empire aka Rome 2.0

No description

Saadia Hussain

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of The Byzantine Empire aka Rome 2.0

The Byzantine Empire aka Rome 2.0
This is the official symbol of the Byzantine Empire. Using this symbol write two things about the empire. There is NO right or wrong answer!
Eastern Orthodox
Patriarch - leader of the Church
Pope - leader of the Church
7 Sacraments
as a teacher
Used Greek as official language
Form of Christianity
Emperor Justinian
Justinian's Code
But the law which natural reason has established among all mankind and which is equally observed among all peoples, is called the Law of Nations, as being that which all nations make use of.
How is this similar to the Roman concept of the "equality under the law"?
Hagia Sophia
Believe in apostle and saints
Priests could marry
Roman Catholicism
Jesus on a cross dying for man's sins
Priests could NOT marry
Used Latin as official language
Combined all Roman Laws

Still used today in many laws
Largest Church in
the Byzantine Empire
Where have we seen this?
What are the three things Justinian did to make him great?
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