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African American Police Brutality

No description

Najee Dow

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of African American Police Brutality

Najee Dow
Ms. Foreman
2nd Period ARE POLICE RACIST? Are cops racist? If it's not clear by now that no matter what city you're in, the police are the biggest gang in the land. African Americans don't view police officers as protectors, but more so as racist enemies because black males are targets of harassment and racial profiling. In most cases its the white officers abusing blacks by beating them for resisting arrest or even nothing at all. RODNEY KING RODNEY KING Selma to Montgomery The Birmingham Campaign Thesis Conclusion After doing my paper I believe i am right. Cops are racist and that african americans don't view police officers as protectors, but more so as enemies because blacks are targets of harassment and racial profiling. I think something needs to be done about the harassment that we undergo everyday as blacks in america. I think police officers should have a more strict punisment such as being locked instead of just being fired. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/selma_to_montgomery
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