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Tom Brady By: Sam C.

No description

Library Media

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Tom Brady By: Sam C.

Tom Brady
By: Sam C.

Personal Life
How Tom Helped
Patriots won the Super Bowl in 2004 and 2005.
2002 patriots won the Super Bowl.
2003/2004 Tom helped the Patriots win 21 games in a row to set a record.
Surprising FACTS
2005 he got named for kids Sports Illustrated sports man of the year.
He was in a Disney World parade.
Tom Brady and Joe Montana are the only ones to win NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP multiple times.

He plays for the new England Patriots.
He is number 12.
The Expos drafted him for the MLB but he said no.
He was a really good baseball player.
Tom's favorite player is Joe Montana.
Tom wore a special suit for a video game.
Tom got drafted 2000 pick 199.
2008 New York Giants beat the patriots in the Super Bowl.
His real name is Thomas Edward Patrick.
His birthday is August 3, 1977.
Tom's son's birthday is August 22, 2007.
He lives in Boston Massachusetts .
He went to the university of Michigan.
He was born in San Mated California.
Wheeler, Jill Tom Brady.
Tieck,Sarah.Tom Brady.
Savage, Jeff. Tom Brady.
Glaser, Jason. Tom Brady.
You will see the most pictures about Tom Brady.
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