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Discipline of Children

No description

Karissa Sandoval

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Discipline of Children

Discipline of Children
Child Discipline:
Opposing points:
The Cons to Child Discipline
Child Discipline Pros
Focus Questions:
Can child discipline get out of hand?
Where are the barriers to disciplining children?
Can child discipline be beneficial or can it negatively impact a child?
Focus Question Answers
Can child discipline get out of hand?
Child discipline can get out of hand by aggression and anger.
Where are the barriers to disciplining children?
The barriers for child discipline begin with the punishment of sending the child to time out or being spanked with the belt.
Can child discipline be beneficial or can it negatively impact a child?
Child discipline can be beneficial but it also can cause a negative impact depending on the way the parent disciplines their child.
In conclusion we learned that child discipline depends on the parents. Some cases parents can let their anger get the best of them which then can cause a child to be instilled with fear and have psychological problems when they grow up. Most cases parents use physical punishment for their children to learn. What most parents do not understand is the consequences that they are portraying to their children can be harmful and damaging.
Child Discipline over the years:
Child discipline over the years was truly based on physical discipline.
Discipline is the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.
According to the Committee for Children (2004), the purpose of discipline is “to encourage moral, physical, and intellectual development and a sense of responsibility in children.
Children Discipline:
Karissa Sandoval
Manuel Reyes
Elizabeth Castaneda
Child Discipline
The End
Many parents, and phycologists have been concerned with the discipline of children. Many experts feel that discipline in almost all instances is harmful to a childs mental development. While others believe that discipline is a critical aspects for a childs growth and learning.
Detrimental Lessons
A detrimental lesson can cause inconsistent discipline which then can send the wrong message to the child and can cause confusion.
Emotional Damage
Emotional damage can cause a child's self esteem to break, as well as a child's trust to shatter which causes the child to be instilled with fear.
Some discipline may cause an immediate reaction but can change future behavior, such as physical punishment teaches hitting and aggression.
Safety and Security
One purpose for discipline is to ensure safety. Safety develope's the trust that is needed for a child to become more independent.
Polite Behavior
Discipline teaches children why misbehavior is unacceptable.
Discipline teaches children that their choices and actions have consequences.
Learning essential skills.
Polite Behavior
Corporal punishment
Emotional Imbalance
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