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Careers Final Summative Assessment

Karen Thai ● ᴥ ●

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Dentist

Dentist ~ Diagnose, prevent and treat diseases
of the teeth, gums and mouth. They remove decay,
fill cavities, and help/provide you instructions for flossing,
brushing, and fluorides. Volunteering, Experience,
Skills & Personality... Personality traits > Patient : you will be dealing with a lot of people, and it takes time to complete tasks throughout the day.

> Optimistic & Friendly : if you are friendly and usually upbeat, it would cause someone in your workplace feel the same, and in their comfort zone.

> Confident : you must be confident enough to complete tasks in a person's mouth, and not make any mistakes.

> Punctual : being on time would be an advantage for expanding clients in your work place.

> Meticulous : being able to be accurate and precise when it comes to fixing, treating or examining one's teeth is important. Skills ~ Ability to work under pressure

~ Manual Dexterity

~ Fast & Flexible

~ Good Communication Skills

~ Polite & Patient

~ Hard Working

~ Accuracy / Precise

~ Good Business Skills Volunteering and Experience Trying to get volunteer opportunities and
experience for this career would help you a lot in the future to get into dental school > You can shadow a dentist, join a pre-dental program at universities, colleges and dental-care clinics. Education &
Training Education Required Courses in High School > Chemistry, Biology, Physics, English + Mathematics. > Firstly, you will need to complete an undergraduate degree from university and receive a Bachelor's degree.
> After wards, you must enroll in a Dental School for a 4-5 year program and can choose a field of dentistry you are interested in.
> It is required to get a degree of DDS or DDM upon graduation. (Doctor of Dental Surgery / Doctor of Dental Medicine)
> They must pass an exam given by Canada's National Examination Board then register with the Royal College
of Dentists somewhere in Canada to practice. Possible Cost for
Education > Dental School (4-5yrs) ; $50,000 ~ $60,000 (Maybe more if you decide to take more fields) > University (2-4yrs) ; $18,000 ~ $60,000 Training > Undergraduate Degree
> Dental School
> University
> Private Practice in an office/hospital
> 2-3 yrs of residency
------------------------------------ Salary / Earnings > The Average Salary for a Dentist
is around $120,000 - $380,000
Annually. > A Dentist's salary mainly depends on
whether he/she is working on a salary basis,
geographic area , or at a private practice. Potential for Promotions > If continue further education, there would be more fields for you that you can specialize in after wards. ~ Orthodontics
~ Endodontics
~ Prosthodontics
~ Oral + Maxilofacial Surgery
~ Periodontics
~ Pediatric Dentistry Examples > There are no promotions
available for the dentistry field > Private Practice
> Residency
> And many more. Related Occupations > Pediatrician
> Orthodontist
> Dental Hygienist
> Doctor
> Nurse
> Veterinarian
> Obstetrician & Many More Potential Employers > Offices / Clinics (Private)
> Universities
> Dental School
> Hospitals
> & Many More Current Need & Future Outlook > As of right now, they aren't highly in
demand because there are too many people who want a job in the dentistry field which makes it difficult for some to find a job. Video Karen Thai > Probably in the future the demand would increase due to retirement.
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