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Nuclear Weapon - Test english

No description

el kiasse marouane

on 12 January 2014

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Transcript of Nuclear Weapon - Test english

Nuclear Weapon
states with nuclear weapons Marouane Elkiasse Political Map of the World 1/ USA, Russia, UK, France, China
2/ India , North Korea, Pakistan.
3/ Others in the maps (Blue and green) States with Nuclear Weapons USA -USSR
Nuclear race Plan

1- Definition of a Nuclear Weapon

2- The race to have the Nuclear Weapons

3- States with Nuclear Weapons and some statistics

4- Conclusion United States Trinity 1945
Trinity was the code name of the first detonation of a nuclear device. This test was conducted by the United States Army on July 16, 1945, in the Jornada del Muerto desert about 35 miles (56 km) southeast of Socorro, New Mexico Conclusion USSR The RDS-1 1949
was used in the Soviet Union's first nuclear weapon test. It was exploded on 29 August 1949, at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh SSR United Kingdom Hurricane 1952
Operation Hurricane was the test of the first British atomic device on 3 October 1952. A plutonium implosion device was detonated in the lagoon between the Montebello Islands, Western Australia. China 596 , 1964
596 is the codename of the People's Republic of China's first nuclear weapons test, detonated on October 16, 1964 at the Lop Nur test site. France Gerboise Bleue, 1960
Gerboise Bleue was the name of the first French nuclear test. It was an atomic bomb detonated in the middle of the Algerian Sahara desert on 13 February 1960, during the Algerian War (1954–62). What is a Nuclear Weapon ? A Nuclear Weapon is an explosive device that derives its destructive force from nuclear reactions. The reactions release vast quantities of energy from relatively small amounts of matter.

Atomic Bomb same amount of energy as approximately 20,000 tons of TNT.

Hydrogen Bomb test released the same amount of energy as approximately 10,000,000 tons of TNT.
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