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Inspire wonder in any ways possible

Jackson Burns

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Inspire

Inspire Wonder
By: Ms. Butler's 6th grade class
Why have people stopped wondering? Everything created by humans has been based off of wonder. If people didn't wonder, human civilization would be as basic as it was in the stone age.

Why do we have computers? Someone wondered.
How do we know about gravity? Someone wondered.

These people were not satisfied with what they had, and they changed the world with their wonders. We don't think about things anymore, like we did before. Why? We need to keep this wonder going and going because the limit has never been seen. There isn't even a limit. So why are we acting like we've reached it?

How can this wonder be reachieved? You need to observe the world around you and ask questions!
What is Possible/Impossible?
People thought that they could not fly until Leonardo DaVinci and the Wright Brothers created gliders and airplanes.
Albert Einstein questioned if light was curved almost like a boomerang.
Alfred Wegener questioned why there were two similar fossils on two continents millions of miles apart.
Edwin Hubble questioned if there were other planets and galaxies.
Albert Einstein questioned gravity and how it works.
NASA questioned if there were other life forms on other planets.
Albert Einstein also questioned whether or not it was possible to split an atom.

Everything is impossible until somebody questions it.
The Right Question Changes Everything
First of all, in order for us humans to ask the right question, we must know what the right question
The right question is the question that challenges the answered question. In order to expand the law that controls our human knowledge.
For example, Tesla invented the light bulb, but Thomas Edison improved it, by questioning the answered question.
What would the world be like if we never asked the right question? We wouldn't be challenging our limits for what we know, for example, we rely on the internet way too much.
When we entrust the internet for information, we are entrusting ourselves, because we created the internet. Making the internet very unreliable, even if experts created it. So why is it not safe to entrust experts?
Here are some examples:
Experts created the titanic, but it sunk!
Experts said the world was flat, but it was round
Experts said there was no possibility of flight and they also said data could not be stored other than human minds, but now we have flash drives.
What are Rules/Boundaries?
Some rules were meant for safety.
"They don't put up a stoplight until an accident happens"
Find loopholes (Not dangerous)
There are no boundaries in life, do what you want.
Think of consequences before testing (Challenger)
What good things come from testing the limits?
Have YOU ever challenged the limits and learned something new?
Have YOU ever broken the rules and learned something new?

See the World in a Different Perspective
Inspire Change
What made us think that what we currently do is wrong?
Our ancestors in the past discovered things that made the world better.
They used their imagination to discover the things that made the world like it is now
We can't stop now, there is plenty to be done.
Why have people stop using their imaginations and think that there is not a lot to discover anymore?
People need to keep changing the world like they have done in the past
An example would be NASA sending people to the moon.
The Wright Brothers took a big risk by sending a man flying above ground consistently
Never stop questioning, keep the world moving!
Next time you have a moment , go ahead and imagine the world in 50 years.
We take everything for granted, we don't put effort into thinking about the world around us anymore.
We need to ask more "What if" questions.
What if people solved everything the same way? Would there be variety?
What if people were satisfied with everything? What would the world be like?
How many options are there, how do we know what's left to find?
Wonder inspires us. It shows us how try new things.Without trying new things we will never learn and our society will never move forward. Nowadays, kids and teens have lost interest in what matters. Everything they wonder about they can just look it up on Google. Take into account that the internet is just a source of knowledge. We programmed the internet, so the internet does not have more knowledge than the world, it is on par with them. We need to work to increase the internet, and the way to do this is to just ask questions to see how something impossible is now possible.
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