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North West Company

joshua levine

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of NWC

North West Company
Rivalry with the HBC
THe traders were so aggressive and active. Alexander Mackenzie becamed the cheif figure in the rival company. David Thompson, the western map maker and Alexander Henry also worked for the North West Company. After 1810 the rivalry between the North West Company and Hudson's Bay Company grew in out of control and became a problem for the British government. In 1821 the two companies merged.
Interesting facts
HBC and NWC were a competition and it was kind of like leap frog because HBC had trading posts then NWC built farther trading posts then it was HBC who built farther posts. Today, that is how leap frog became a game known for going past each other each time. The NWC hired Voyageurs to deliver trades. From Montréal, large birch bark trading canoes (up to 10m long) traveled along a whole length of rivers, meeting Aboriginal groups and exchanging goods for furs. By the 1790’s the NWC trading
paths went on for thousands of kilometers.

List of things traded
When the company was created and who created it
The fur trading company was made around 100 years after HBC. In 1783 it was created by the Scottish and French. The NWC was created in Montreal.

Number of beaver pelts
1 Kettle
1 pair of breeches
1 gun
12 fish hooks
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