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Relationship Between Kurtz and Marlow.

No description

Samantha Hagan

on 19 February 2014

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Transcript of Relationship Between Kurtz and Marlow.

Who they are.
Kurtz and Marlow are interlinked from the beginning
Marlow has a fascination and or obession with Kurtz from the first moment he hears about him.
"Kurtz had kicked himself loose of the earth."
After Marlow meets Kurtz, and understands what has become of Kurtz. Kurtz overall importance becomes clear. The novel is about two men, Marlow and Kurtz whose existences mirror each other. Ultimately, Kurtz is who Marlow may become if he abadons all restraint while working in the jungle. Kurtz emphasized godlike image is to show why Kurtz became what he did and how Marlow retreats from this fate.
Relationship Between Kurtz and Marlow.
Marlow is the wise, young Protagonist of the novel who wishes to explore the "blank places" on the map because he longs for adventure.
Instead of the sense of adventure he hoped for through his experiences he is taught about the "heart of darkness" found in all men.
A man of many talents- gifted musician, painter- has the chrisima and ability to lead men.
He is thought of as god-like among savages, and was prasied by some, and critized by some.
Kurtz is doing what the company as a whole is doing without hiding his actions behind a facade of good intentions.
Labeling Kurtz as "sick" may seem comforting to others, he actually is an exaggeration of the impluses in the hearts of mean everywhere.
"Kurtz has made that last stride, he had stepped over the edge, while I had been permitted to draw back my hesistating foot"
Upon Marlow's return to Europe he finds people there to be "Intruders whose knowledge of life" is "an irratating pretence."
"Robbery with violence, aggravated murder on a grand scale, and men going at it blind."
There is a little darkness in all of us, but we should never abandon are morals, because morality is what creates order in the world, and without it we can become lost in our selves, with no substance, and no clairity, and as Kurtz showed, it can beimpossible to find you way back.
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