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Cole Johnson & Lani Muller

No description

Angela Altazan

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Cole Johnson & Lani Muller

Michael Oher overcame the murder of his father.
Cole Johnson
Lani Muller

Broken Barriers
Bethany Hamilton still surfed after a 14ft. Tiger Shark attack.
Authors Opinion
(Michael Oher)
The author's opinion is Michael Oher had an immpressive win.(sub.4,paragrph5,lines4,5)
Author's opinion
( Bethany Hamilton)
The author thinks that Bethany Hamilton is a source of inspiration. In paraghraph 1 line 1 it the author says " Bethany Hamilton has became a source of inspiration.
''It's not just a game''
" So next time you put your Red Sox cap on and tune into the game,
remember it's not just about the amazing pitchers and

Both had a autobiography movie and they acually played in them.
Both overcame big challenges.
both born in the USA
How Oher is different
Jesse Owens
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