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Toys and games children played in the Victorian era

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alex chayer

on 22 January 2016

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Transcript of Toys and games children played in the Victorian era

Toys and games children played
Rich Children's games
Children that were rich played many things.
They played skittles witch is a game like bowling.
You have to try to knock down all the skittles.
poor children's games
The poor played with dolls, home made toys, cheap factory made toys...
Rocking horse
Kids in the Victorian age needed something to play with.
So they invented toys and games for kids to play with.
Teddy bear
They also played with rocking horses, toy train sets, and toy shops and so much more!
...they played with toy boats, balls, and jump ropes and some more things.
Britannica school.
DK find out.
Pictures from google.
They also played with train sets, toy soldiers, rocking horses, tea sets, toy shops card games, and lots more
My goal was to find out about the toys and games children played during the Victorian era.
That's all
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