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The Netherlands

No description

Veronica k.

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of The Netherlands

During World War , the Netherlands was invaded by Germany. Anne Frank hid and wrote her famous diary in the secret compartment in a house during that time. Dear Diary, Dear Diary, The Netherlands Geography The house we are staying in for our 6-month visit overlooks a river. Surprisingly, there are practically no major landforms. The lowlands are mostly flat, while the highlands have some small hills. The Netherlands is half under sea level; that is why it's called Netherlands which means Low Countries. Dear Diary, There is the North Sea and a lot of rivers, ponds, and lakes here. In a week, I'll go crab fishing in the Waddenzee. I went crab fishing there when I was little. Some examples are the Maas river, Lower Rhine river, lake Ijssel, Loosdrecht lakes, Ijssel river, and the West Schelde river. Dear Diary, I'm not using my winter jacket or light summer dresses at all The winters here are pretty warm compared to Chicago, and in the summer you often have to wear a sweater. I looked up the climate on the web and World Book said there was a temperate maritime climate. I wonder what that means. Also, it is very rainy here. Dear Diary, To get here, we flew over the North sea; it is to the North and West of the Netherlands with Belgium to the South and Germany to the East of the Netherlands. Dear Diary, Since the Netherlands is mainly under sea level, the Dutch have built dikes to hold back the water and use mills to bring the water out of the countryside and into the sea. Whole provinces have been taken from the sea. Unfortunately, global warming could be a disaster for the Netherlands because of the rising water level flooding the land. I just came out of the plane and am waiting at immigration. Our plane's tail was decorated with patterns from Delft pottery which is pottery from a very famous town called Delft, mostly from Delft Royal Blue . The university there is a client of my father's company. The Netherlands Culture Dear Diary, Dear Diary, I'm re-learning Dutch from just listening to the conversations around here! Sometimes you can also hear Frisian,the other language people speak in the Netherlands. Some people also speak German, English, Flemish, and French. There are a lot of religions here for such a small country! I can see a Jewish synagogue from our house, and there are also Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, and people with no religion here. The royal family is Dutch Reformed (Protestant). Dear Diary, We just had tea, and I was introduced to some new Dutch food. We had poffertjes (mini-pancakes) and stroopwaffels which are basically a very thin pair of waffles with some syrup
in between. Also, the Dutch eat
a lot of patat (french fries) and
are addicted to "drops" (licorice). Dear Diary, My mom just reminded me to put out my shoes for Sinterklaasdag, which is on December 5 and 6. In other words. today and tomorrow. Sinterklaasdag is the day celebrating Sinterklaas. He and his helpers, the Zwarte Pieten, travel from town to town and give kids presents. Sadly, we missed Vlaggetjesdag, which marks the beginning of the herring season. Boats are decorated with little flags when they leave port. In 4 months and 25 days (April 30) it will be Queen's Day, the birthday of the former queen. Also that day, there is a day of free garage sales (normally there are fees for holding garage sales). Dear Diary, I went to a museum last week and saw paintings and drawings by Dutch artists like Vermeer, M.C. Escher, Rembrandt and Van Gogh. I also want to go see the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra and the National Ballet. Dear Diary, I just learned that the company Shell is from the Netherlands! The Dutch have so much petroleum that they are selling it off to other countries. Also, I see sheep and cows grazing on a lot of t the dikes. The Netherlands Economy Dear Diary, We're going to the market soon to get some more food. Last time we were there, you could see huge piles of cheese and bunches of flowers. In the Netherlands, they also export bulbs, other dairy, food, machines (the Philips brand is from the Netherlands), and technology. Dear Diary, I can't wait to go to Keukenhof again! It's a garden full of the most famous product of the Netherlands: tulips! Dear Diary, When we got here, we had to change some dollars into euro. Luckily, we already had some from trips to Germany; both countries are also part of the European Union. 100 B.C. 476 A.D. Romans invade the territories of the Germanic, Celtic, and Frisian tribes. Rome falls; Franks and Saxons settle in the Netherlands. 800 A.D. Dear Diary, I just came from the history museum here in the Netherlands, and I wrote down the history in chronological order for a school project. The people became part of the German Empire. 800 A.D. - around 1500 A.D. around 1500 A.D. 1568 A.D. 1648 A.D. 1795 A.D. 1810 A.D. 1815 A.D. Netherlands was divided into different areas ruled by counts and dukes. Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands were under Spanish rule and were called the Netherlands, which means Low Countries. Prince William of Orange started an 80-year independence war. The Netherlands became independent and started a Golden Age in trade and commerce. 1830 A.D. 1939-1945 A.D. 1945 A.D. 1949 A.D. 1958 A.D. The French military made the Netherlands a colony after the French revolution. Napoleon Bonaparte annexed (that means he made it part of his own country) the Netherlands. The Netherlands History The Congress of Vienna decided to get the French military out of the Netherlands; the United Kingdom of the Netherlands was formed. Belgium seceded from the Netherlands. II The Netherlands joined the United Nations. The Netherlands joined NATO. The Netherlands helped start the European Economic Community, the forerunner of the European Union. Dear Diary, Queen Beatrix came to the market today!! Surprisingly, the royal family takes part in the life of a normal Dutch person. Prince Willem and family go to football games and take part in competitions instead of sitting in the palace sipping tea. Dear Diary, While I was looking up cool things about the Netherlands I found out that the Dutch founded New Amsterdam, which is now New York. A Dutch person discovered Australia in 1606. The Netherlands Government Interesting Facts Dear Diary, It's strange, but while Amsterdam is the capital, the government (led by the prime minister, Mark Rutte) is based in The Hague! Poffertjes stroopwaffels patat drops Dear Diary, The Netherlands has the highest density of people, bikes, and museums in the world! It has 1261 people per square mile, and 18,000,000 bikes! A lot of people live on the water in boothuisen (boathouses). The End
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