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Sahej Singh

on 16 February 2014

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Transcript of LITERARY TERMS

The repetition of sounds in a sequence of words.
An example of an alliteration. The constant, "P," is repeated frequently in the tongue twister.
A resemblance between two different things.
An example of an analogy. Forrest Gump says, "Life is like a box of chocolates..." Life is being compared to a box of chocolates.
Forces that oppose the protagonist.
An example of an antagonist. Voldemort is dueling against Harry Potter. He is opposing Harry.
A word or phrase that loses its meaning due to it's overuse.
An example of a cliche, Dying in your beloved's arms. The person watching the death will not do much to delay the death. Instead they will just watch. Another example of a cliche, committing suicide when your love dies.
The use of irony to mock. The opposite of what is stated is meant.
An example of the use of sarcasm. Howard says "No," however his tone tells use he is using sarcasm, and means the opposite.
The suggestions evoked by a word in addition to its meaning. May be highly individual or culturally conditioned.
A change in the standard use of words in order to achieve a specific outcome.
An example of the use of figurative language. The literal meaning of this phrase is not practical but the implied meaning makes sense.
The telling or depiction of event that happened in an earlier time.
An example of a flashback in Toy Story 3. A scene of these characters' pasts is shown.
The suggesting of events that are yet to occur.
The difference between what is told and what is actually implied.
A comparison in which one object is said to be the other.
Words whose sounds seem to portray the sound the represent.
A paradox combining two opposite meaning words.
An example of a metaphor. Selena Gomez sings "You are the thunder and I am the lightning." She is comparing herself and the one she is directing this to to things without using "like" or "as."
An example of onomatopoeia. Miley Cyrus says words such as "boom" and "clap." These words' sounds are similar to the sounds the represent.
A statement which seems to be self-contradictory but turns out to make sense.
An example of a paradox. Pinocchio's nose grows when he tells a lie. If he were to say, "My nose grows now," it would be a lie, but because it is a lie his nose would grow, making the statement the truth.
A ridicule of a work or subject to lower it in the reader's esteem and make it laughable.
An example of a parody. The producers are mocking the production of a new Iphone.
Giving an inanimate object or animal human traits.
An example of personification. The rat is given the ability to talk, and cook, which are both human qualities.
A play on words similar in sound but different in meaning.
Examples of puns. Mr. Freeze uses a plethora of puns, such as when he says "Chill." He is using it's two definitions of staying calm and being cold.
The ridicule of a serious work by treating the matter flippantly.
A comparison between two things using "like" or "as."
An object, person, situation, or action which has a literal meaning but another meaning as well.
An example of the use of a simile. Taylor Swift sings, "You, with your words like knives..." She is comparing words with knives using "like."
An example of foreshadowing. The suspenseful music heard in the background indicates something significant may happen.
An example of verbal irony. It is said that Brutus is a noble man, however it is him who killed Caesar.
An example of an oxymoron.The title itself is an oxymoron. Air is composed of several different gases, ergo it is not a solid.
Solid Air-John Martyn
*This video contains several inappropriately used words.
An example of a parody. The show Family Guy is ridiculing Disney's style with an exaggeration of comic effect.
An example of a symbol. Sauron's eye in the Lord of the Rings represents Sauron himself, along with evil as the "eye" is encased in fire and is red.
An example of a connotation. Words such as "beauty" are evoked when a summer's day is mentioned.
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