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Les Miserables

Project 4: Remix a Story for Writing & Digital Media

Colleen Kelly

on 8 December 2015

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Transcript of Les Miserables

Rhetorical Choices
Design Choices
Modal Choices
Rhetorical Situation
: Create an Instagram remix of the musical Les Miserables
: Semi-knowledgable audience, or hopefully those familiar with the story
: To get modern audiences interested in the story (primary) and to entertain fans of the musical or story (secondary)
: Instagram template presented on Prezi. Makes the re-telling more interactive!
: For the sake of this project, I am adding more comedic and romantic elements than the original
: Put an emphasis mainly on the characters faces and emotions, but included some photos of the scenes to provide more context.
: For the most part, each post alternates by character (not just 1 character posting). The colors of the images change depending on the mood and context of the scene. The different amount of likes and comments on each post show contrast as well.
: The posts are organized from beginning to end, so that the audience can better follow along with the story.
: Picture on the left (slightly larger) and text on the right (readable, but not necessarily large)
: The image is near the text so that the audience can easily make the connection
: The caption, comments, hashtags, and usernames are all written English words.
: The images, icons, and Instagram layout are visuals that communicate the context and meaning of each post.
: The posts are arranged in a layout that has the photo and the caption/comments next to each other, which communicates to the audience that they are related.
: The Prezi allows a movement through each post so that they are in order. In addition, the facial expressions, body language, and character interactions in the Instagram images signal gestural communication as well.
The template allows me to have accounts for multiple characters without having to personally create 10 accounts on the real Instagram app
I can fit the images easily into the template
I can create as many slides as I need
I can add a personal and comedic twist
I had to use the computer layout of Instagram because the iPhone layout did not allow me to include as many comments or big captions as I wanted
No way to get the heart to turn red to indicate a "like"
Having to re-size every picture for each slide was redundant
Could not get the exact same color or font that the template has on my PowerPoint, that is why the hashtags are a different color from the usernames
Had to leave out some extra parts of the story so I wouldn't have too big of a PowerPoint presentation
remix a story: les miserables

by: colleen kelly
Documentation and Citations
All images were taken from the 2012 film
Les Miserables
, with the exception of Valjean, Fantine, Cosette, the Thenardiers, and Marius's avatars, which were photographs taken by Annie Leibovitz for Vogue Magazine.
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