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Comparing Ultima and Narciso in Bless Me, Ultima

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Jon Phebus

on 12 August 2015

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Transcript of Comparing Ultima and Narciso in Bless Me, Ultima

Comparing Ultima

and Narciso in
Bless Me, Ultima

Ultima is a curandera and uses herbs and remedies to heal the sick.
She has the power to lift curses laid by brujas
She is sometimes accused of being a bruja
Ultimas magic is to be used for good only and to not interfere with the destiny of any man
Narciso is the town drunk and is hardly taken serious throughout the whole story
His form of magic is agricultural
His house is surrounded by a magnificent garden
How are they alike
Both Ultima and nrciso are terribly misunderstood throughout the whole book
both forms of their magic is good in its own way

How they are different
Narciso's magic is growing crops and being skilled in agriculture
Ultimas' magic is healing sick people and lifting curses
His magic is perfomed in a drunk manner with no set way to do it
Her magic is done in a certain way and carefully perfomed
How Narciso perfoms his magic
Narciso dances and sings throughout his garden drunkily planting the seeds
Cico says "The garden is like Narciso, it is drunk" (Bless me, ultima pg 109)
How Ultima performs her magic
Ultima mainly uses herbs and other remedies to heal people
Ultima uses a mixture of kerosene, water, and herbs to heal Uncle Lucas
For lifting the curse on the home of Tellez she burns a platform with three bundles releasing the spirits haunting the house
Why are they called magic
Ultima is called magic because she can heal people when nobody else can including the church
Narciso is called magic because of how he can grow such a magnificent garden in such a unorthodox way
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