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Blood Is Thicker

No description

Kennedy Harris

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Blood Is Thicker

Blood Is Thicker
Hakeem and his family moves from Florida to Detroit to live with his Dad's brother becasue Hakeem's dad is diagnosed with cancer.
External Conflict .
Character VS Character
Grand Heights High School in Florida
Detroit , Michigan
Hakeem- Determined, Faithful, Conceited, and Active.
Savon- Shy, Smart, Stubborn, and Conceited.
Family First Before Friends
Symbol #1
Hakeem's Dad was battling lung cancer from smoking cigarettes when he was younger.
Would You Recommend This Book To Someone Else? Yes I would recommend this book to someone else because it explains a lot about how you need to keep your family closer before your friends. To me this book teaches you a good message about family first.
Citation Machine ( Sources )
Langan, Paul, and D.M. Blackwell . Blood Is Thicker Bluford High. Berlin, New Jersey : Townsend Press Inc, 2004. 156. Print. <bluford.org >.
-Hope you enjoyed my A+ Material Prezi(:
By: Paul Langan & D.M. Blackwell
Block 4

Due On November 21st, 2013.
Prezi By : Kennedy Harris(: <3

Hakeem gets into a fight with his first cousin Savon. They used to also get along when they were children, but ever since then they have drifted apart since they were children.
Hakeem Father dies to a battle with cancer.
Hakeem and Savon become much closer as Hakeem's family stays in Detriot after Hakeem's father's death.
Hakeem lives with his cousins until he is 18 and goes back to Florida for college, and becomes the man of his family.
What Age Group Would You Recommend this book too? I would recommend this book to teenagers only because the story talks about teen love and a bunch of different subjects that are only appropriate for teenagers.
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