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No description

Mikaela Kelarek

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Mercury

Welcome to Mercury "the biggest little planet" Weather We dont no the surface temperature but if you die thats sounds like a personal problem Moonze There is no moon with the planet Mercury so that means a family vacation Temperature The temperature of mercury may very from extreme hot to extreme cold. But hey if you want a tan all u have to do is face the sun Dayzz One day may be about 59 Earth daysbut hey thats a longer vacation for the family :) And if call today you' get 1 day free Composition Mercury is a very dense planet with rocky mountians. Perfect for mountian climbing Water Mercury has ice on its north and south poles. So that way you wont die of thirst. Greek The Greeks gave Mercury the name of Apollo and Hermes. Come to day and you get a free bobble head of both these people Romans The romans named Mercury after Hermes so now along with the bobble heads you get a free t-shirst of nothind!!!
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