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Destination H

Look Book

Brett Robins

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Destination H

Currently "Destination H" is in a start-up/fund raising phase.
The film is being marketed overseas due to large growth that regions of the world experienced:
Chinese box office grew by 35%, to become the 2nd largest international market, behind Japan.
Global box office for all films released in each country of the world reached $32.6 billion.
International box office in U.S. dollars is up 35%, driven by the growth of markets such as China and Russia
Destination H
"A Full Feature Motion Picture"

The Story
"Hell is only the first stop"
High school seniors go on a hike and find a haunted burial ground. In the process they witness a satanic ritual and the cast can't help but find themselves in the grip of the devil himself.
Main Character:
Chad Moore, an aspiring filmmaker who received a new car for his 18th birthday and is prepared to engage in a hike in the woods with his friend Kevin and Tom as well as Chad's and Kevin's girlfriends Jenny and Lisa.
Executive Summary
The emphasis of the film is to capture the essence of the golden years of the horror genre (1970's to 1980's), but revamped with a modern look.
The independent look for horror has been a huge selling point in the world-wide market with recent successes such as Paranormal Activity.
The film would take advantage of the Film Festival Circuit and the DVD markets.
James R. Jaeger once said: "With new markets, such as China (with 1.2 billion new potential moviegoers) and India (with 900 million new potential English-speaking movie goers) coming on line -- an investor would be imprudent to not take a serious look at the potential risk to reward ratios of movie investments at this time".
Production Team
Executive Producer:
Anthony Gambetta
Sheldon Andre
Brent Bambic
Brent originally studied film at UCLA and the prestigious American Film Institute.
Brent has sold two of his screenplays, an adaptation of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" and the drama "The Zephyr Trophy". Additionally, he produced and directed a short version of "Beelzebub”, a supernatural thriller that he also wrote.
He later gained production development experience through staff positions at Ridley Scott’s Scott-Free and at TriCoast Studios.
Brent recently completed an action/drama feature titled “Sanctioned to Die", www.SanctionedtoDie.net, which had its world premiere in Cannes in ’11 and has been running the festival circuit, winning "Best Martial Arts Feature" and "Best Martial Arts Film".
Production Team
Assistant Director:
Ethan Black.
Notable Work:
Ethan has worked with people from Lionsgate, he's worked on countless projects with Wonderland Productions. The same company that works with Madonna's record label Maverick, as well as corporate clients such as IBM, Coke and Wella/Paul Sebastian.
Line Producer:
Hank Grover.
Notable Work:
Hank has partaken in projects such as "Black Scorpion" for Showtime, "High Voltage" for HBO and the Emmy nominated children's television series "The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", in which he held the role of 2nd Assistant Director.
Hank Grover
Casting Director:
Craig Campobasso, C.S.A.
Notable Work:
In Film Craig has worked on projects such as "Hell and Mr. Fudge", "Starbright", "The Perfect Host", "Pizza With Bullets". And in Television he's been part of the "Amazing Stories" Anthology series, which was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Achievement in Casting for a Series.
There's only two lead roles in Destination H, that of Chad and Jenny. The roles will be cast to younger, yet established actors in order to have larger selling point over seas. Thus facilitating the secure return of the initial investment.
Role of Jenny (Top Choices):
Chloe Grace Moretz (Hugo, Carrie)
Hailee Stenfield (Ender's Game)
Anna Sophia Robb ( Jumper)
Nicola Peltz (The Last Airbender)
Bella Thorne (Shake It Up!, Little Monk)

Role of Chad (Top Choices):
Josh Hutcherson (The Hunger Games)
Alexander Ludwig (Race to Witch Mountain)
Logan Lerman (Stuck in Love)
Billy Unger (National Treasure, Crank 2)
Devon Bosnick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid)
Craig Campobasso
Chloe Moretz
Hailee Stenfield
Josh Hutcherson
Alexander Ludwig
Brent Bambic
Present Status and Marketing Strategy
Production Budget
The production budget for "Destination H" has been set at $995,133.
The budget is broken down as:
$636,206 for Pre-production, casting, and staffing.
$104,724 for Production.
$41,650 for Post Productions.
Among the bigger names in the industry currently reviewing the film is renowned editor Christopher Cibelli and seven time Emmy award winning sound man, Mace Matiosian.
Mace Matiosian
Christopher Cibelli
Domestic/Foreign Distribution
There are two alternatives for domestic distribution:
Limited: Meaning it'll show in no less that 100 screens but no more than 500.
Platform: Meaning a more small scale distribution on about 50 screens.

On an limited release of a motion picture under the $5 million the prints and advertisement portion would require a $2.5 million budget.
A Platform release would only require a fraction of the price (About 30% of production costs), it limits the film's potential Box Office potential.
Either choice will generate the revenue to recover the initial investment from the negative cost and the distribution costs. As well as opening the market for DVD sales.
The two largest components for success with the theatrical release include:
Generating enough buzz with the marketing campaign to make the main stream public.
Securing a "name star" in order to create a stronger appeal for the masses.
Even with a platform U.S. theatrical release, the international revenue from the distribhutors could come well over $4.4 Million.
Just like in the U.S. market the use of a "name star" would increase the value of international revenue as well.
Another great foreign selling point is the pre-sale market. Which is also flucctuated by the addition of a "name star".
Investor Incentives
One Executive Producer credit available for an investment of $250,000 or more.

Two Producer credits available for an investment of $100,000 or more.

All investors will receive an advanced DVD copy along with 2 tickets to the Florida Premier.
The platform release would raise 1.294 million, which would be labeled "negative cost" to be recuperated before profits can be distributed.
A realistic projection at Box Office: $10 Million.
The "Limited" release would cost an extra $2 Million for advertisement and marketing, but in return it gives the film potential to reach up to $14 Million in revenue (Modest Estimate).
This could help the DVD/video sales to be raised to about 9 Million.
Expected World Wide sales (Without theatrical release): $6.75 Million
After recovering initial investment (Without theatrical release): $5.75 Million
Marketing Research
The Horror genre has become a specialized section of the entertainment business due to it's formula:
Low Budget + Wide Distribution= High Revenues.
The Market proves that audiences everywhere look to be scared by the "Silver Screen". Thus at a budget under $2 Million it makes Destination H a proper candidate for theatrical release.
The average ration of negative costs vs. box office gross is normally 1:2with the horror genre.
Here is a list of low budget horror films that have grossed a tremendous amount:

Film Budget World Wide Gross
Paranormal Activity $15,000 $196,681,656
The Blair Witch Project $600,000 $ 248,000,000
Halloween $325,000 $ 70,000,000
Saw $1,200,000 $ 55,200,000
Night of the Living Dead $114,000 $30,000,000
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