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Chippendale Furniture Styles

No description

Daisha Cook

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Chippendale Furniture Styles

Chippendale Furniture Styles
About Thomas Chippendale
Chippendale's Family Life
This book was very bold because it has all of his creations and how to make Chippendale's furniture step by step.
Thomas Chippendale
Thomas Chippendale was the designer of Chippendale Styled Furniture.
He is a Traditional Designer
A well known furniture style around the world
He Was Born
on June 5, 1718
Chippendale's Birth Place
United Kingdom
Chippendale's Only Education encounter
He went to
Prince Henry's Grammer School
Chippendale was thought by his father (in Woodworking), and also shadowed a few other Craftsmen
They are not really sure when Chippendale was born but he was baptized...
Chippendale's Parent's
**Father: John Chippendale
--A joiner is a type of carpenter that fits and cuts joints in wood without using a type of screw or other tools
( He is a Carpenter and a Joiner)
**Mother: Mary Drake
1st wife: Catherine Redshaw
Chippendale's Wives
2nd wife: Elizabeth Davis
Married in 1749 and died in 1772
Married in 1777 and died in 1779
Five years later Thomas Chippendale got remarried too..
Catherine Redshaw
Gave Thomas Chippendale 5 boys and 4 girls
Elizabeth David
Elizabeth gave Thomas Chippendale 3 kids
Thomas Chippendale's Partners
James Ronnie was Chippendale's first partner before he died.
Then, Thomas Haig became Chippendale's next business partner.
Then the business was renamed Chippendale, Haig and Co.
Thomas Chippendale published a very bold book called "The Gentleman and Cabinet Maker's Director."
people all around the world copied Chippendale's work
Joiners are one of Thomas Chippendale's impacts, because it's still used today
Thomas Chippendale's furniture techniques
Work Cited Page
http://www.theantiquesalmanac.com/chippendalefurniture.htm#Chippendale's Signature Form--The Cabriole Leg
Thomas Chippendale Dies on November 13, 1779
Chippendale furniture styles
Lion's Paw
Ball and Claw
The late Chippendale
The Club
The Spade
6 types of Chippendale's leg styles
Some Comments About Chippendale
"...He was the total package in the design decor."
"... It was a bold move to advertise his talent and creativity and it worked."
~Mike McLeod
Died from Tuberculosis
By: Daisha Cook
Mrs. Hall
Interior Design I
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