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Brave New World Intro

No description

T.J. Hanify

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Brave New World Intro

Aldous Huxley 1894-1963
Family was well educated, intellectuals
At age 16, suffered from Keratitis- Blind for 18 months
Recovered, but with very poor eyesight, graduated from Oxford
Unable to be a scientist or fight in the war, eventually became a writer Brave New World Written in 1931, published in 1932
Dystopian Future set in 2540 (or 632 A.F.)
After a terrible war, a new global government has taken over all elements of subject's lives
Reaction to increased technology, mass production, over-population, rise of highly authoritarian forms of government Predicted: Genetic Engineering
Birth Control
Increasingly present forms of media entertainment
Sexual Revolution
Highly Authoritarian World Government
A new Caste System determined by genetics "Everybody's Happy Nowadays" Subjects of the World State aren't suffering and fighting for freedom.
Subjects' desires for entertainment, sex, companionship are all met by the World State.
Serious, monogamous relationships are outlawed and considered a taboo like incest.
Genetic engineering and mental conditioning ensure that no matter what you do, you love doing it. Literature as Argument Huxley is discussing modern life as much as he is predicting the future.
Consider what human failings he is demonstrating that could lead us to the World State
Look closely at argument and persuasion in the novel. How do characters use rhetoric to persuade others?
You'll be looking at argument & rhetoric in your homework. (Be sure to bring it on Day One.)
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