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Influence of Technology to Civilization, Culture, and Society

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Edward Wang

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Influence of Technology to Civilization, Culture, and Society

Influence of Technology to Civilization, Culture, and Society Technology We Encountered By Edbert, Edward, and Jonathan Catapult
Uses a sling\spoon and torsion to hurl a projectile
Shoots on an angle Trebuchet
Uses a counterweight and sling to hurl projectiles
Fires on an angle
Uses torsion and elasticity
Very simple Ballista
Uses torsion
Usualy shoots on an angle
Usually fired bolts Cannon
Uses gunpowder
Shoots on an angle
Uses gundower & spark
Shoots straight
Like a small cannon
Uses fuel and nozzle
Shoots at any angle

http://www.redstoneprojects.com/trebuchetstore/treb_animated.html http://www.howtobuildcatapults.com/catapultmangonelanimation.html
Purpose of This Technology
Time Periods Catapult:
c3rd Century BCE -
14th Century CE

c4th Century BCE -
16th Century CE

c400 BCE -
14th Century BCE

? -Today (Mainly for recreation)
Time Periods cont. Cannon:
13th Century - Today
(Used In tanks, etc.)

17th Century- Today

13th Century- Today
Evolution of This Technology
The cannon was incoporated into the tank
The ballista evolved from a Greek version of the crossbow
Trebuchets first used human to push down the end, instead of a counterweight, aka the traction trebuchet.
Guns changed from unrelianble hunting weapons to precision killing machines
Missles got deadlier
Slingshots are more of a toy now, although there are still some who use them as weapons

Jacob & Gavin Section aka Questions
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