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Media evaluation

A2 media studies production evaluation

Sarah Heald

on 1 April 2010

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Transcript of Media evaluation

Double click anywhere & add an idea How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? Media Evaluation Here is an image I created through Photoshop showing all the physical and digital media equipment used in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages of my production.
This includes the use of a dell computer, photoshop cs3, flash 8, quarkxpress, blogger, a digital camera, newspaper websites and papers and the company which owns them 'trinity mirror'. without the use of the software and hardware i feel my product would of severely lacked professionalism of appearance and function. By using software such as photoshop it has enabled me to edit my photographs and manipulate them to my design ideas, without the use of flash 8 my product would not resemble a website at all, features included such as hyperlinks would not be made possible making it a blank canvas or image rather than something interactional.

without my data sources such as newspaper companies 'the evening gazette' and 'the northern echo' i would not be able to gain a realistic representation of what my products should look like as my ancillary website text is an adaptation of the two real newspapers website. Although even if these didn't exist i would still have included all the features that i did because they are typical of this media and are apart of my continuity with my main product.
Without the research into trinity mirror i would not have an understanding of the production and manufacturing of my products. i have gained knowledge on how to write a local newspaper article through the research into two real media products and my analysis of these products has helped me create a professional and realistic newspaper package of my own.

From my recce at Newcastle i gained knowledge on how to take photographs of 'real' life situations and issues which could be made into an article or feature within my product. i did this with my sub story which i based on a photograph i took of the graffiti behind the sage on Newcastle quay side, this enhanced the realism in my product. from the production side of the project i have acquired multi- skills to do with file types and sizes which really matters when it comes to disk space and saving.

My file management through out the production has been successful by saving work on the computer hard- drive and then backing them up on memory stick both reliable places, without this my production would not have been successful and any changes would have been lost.

I have learnt many skills and developed ones i had already acquired in greater depth such as when producing my website and poster advertisement, i already knew how to use basic skills on flash 8 and developed my skills further by using and creating hyperlinks from the page to another site from an image or piece of text. The production of my poster advertisement developed on the skills i had already gained in my AS foundation production tasks and i have now learnt how to manipulate an image and blend two images together to create one.
From the software i have used i have learnt that photoshop is much easier than using other photo manipulation and editing software due to it being easily understood and usable as well as creating a finished product that looks professional.

In future i have learnt to watch out for difficulties in understanding and using software to make it much easier to work with and found alternatives, for example the use of digital technology to move digital data such as images, this is much easier than doing the equivalent task with old style technology such as physically cutting and pasting images and text together to create a newspaper.
What have you learned from your audience feedback? How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?
The combination of my main product and ancillary texts are very effective as a media package. they show clear continuity through out and are relevant to the specific industry of journalism and local newspapers. I feel my products together are effective in targetting and attracting my target audience. my main product and ancillary texts have a USP which is to attract a local audience to buy the new local newspaper through my poster advertisement which i believe is a USP in its own right by being unique, creative and 'eye catching'.
I have used specific codes and conventions which are evident in my products such as in my newspaper product i have included conventions which are typical of real newspapers for example the price is displayed there is a clear headline, name of the paper which is continually used through all of my products. In my website i have used typical conventions such as hyper links to and from the pages, aswell as options whether to comment on the article via becoming a member of the local newspaper online. This i believe this a very useful feature which includes the audience to take part in often quite personal debates on the subject in real media products such as the evening gazette live website.

If my products were not effective as being a media package they would show no continuity, the target audience would not understand if the poster related to 'the northern tribune' newspaper and website as well as the concept of it advertising a new local newspaper they would just see it as being an image of an eye with a slogan and nothing to relate it to. Without the website the audience would not be able to gain more local news which isnt featured in the newspaper and wouldnt be able to actively share their opinions and views on the subject and be a part of intereactive media on the online age which the product would lack in appeal.

Overall i believe the combination of my products are very effective in attracting and audience via the poster advertisement which would cause people to search the name on the internet to come up with the online version of the newspaper which people would then take and interest in, or see the poster advertisement and recognise the name as being a local newspaper which they have seen on the shelf of a shop and thought 'hey i might buy that next time i go to buy a newspaper, it looks quite interesting and different'.
In what ways do your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? My media products use and develop forms and conventions of real media products by including features that attract and are similar of current local newspapers that are available and on offer in the area and online, however my product has adapted and challenged these typical features/ conventions with a new modern design and take on how local newspapers should look and appear to the audience, without being aimed at a specific age group.
I believe my product is very successful in conveying its intended meaning and purpose and is clearly recognizable as it supposed genre as being a local newpaper, website and poster, while achieving its desired effect to attract a local audience to buy, use and be interested in the products, which i found out from my audience feedback.
I did a few things that were similar to the conventions i noticed when i analysed other professional products in the research stages of the production such as my newspaper contained the nessecary conventions to convey the understanding that the products are apart of a media package of a new local newspaper for example my local newspaper contains a clear headline, name, price of the product and date of when it was issued, aswell as containg the address of its website. My newspaper also has a similar style to that of the evening gazette containing advertisements for local companies and the overall layout of the product is as appealing to that of the evening gazette which is the overall appeal of what i wanted to my product to be like, however with my own take on the typical conventions and content of the newspaper.
I did achieve in doing something different which the professional products do not have which is a poster advertisement to attract the audience to buy the product, the reason for doing this was simple because its a new local newspaper which would need to compete with the 'classic', 'trustworthy' local newspaper that have always been there, my product needed something extract to 'tap' into that specific market of local newspapers.
I believe i did achieve what i set out to do which was to create a professional new local media package which contained two pages of a local newspaper, two web pages and a poster advertisement fot the local newspaper, which i believe were all successful in being appealing, new and different but also attract that wide aged target audience.
From my audience feedback i found that most would buy my product due to it being a new local newspaper on the market or generally being interested as to what features are inside. The few that said they wouldnt buy the product said it was because they had always bought the same local newspaper and would never change to another.

When asked what they liked about the products most generally said they liked the creativty and design of the advertisement and the over all appearance of all products.
All answered yes when asked if they believed the articles were interesting and relevant to the local area and yes to the poster advertisement being eye catching because of the interesting design of the poster and how it relates to the newspaper.
When asked what would you change about the product some answered nothing others said the website needed a better layout with more on the pages like the evening gazette website.
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