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The Man To Send Rain Clouds

No description

Mr. Brown Group 3

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of The Man To Send Rain Clouds

Alanna Carr, Alli Smith,
Haley Sinning, & Matt Bidlack The Man to Send Rain Clouds Laguna Culture Symbols Yellow: Under Nose: Intellect & Determination Literary Analysis Overall set-up
Point of view
Irony Characters Leon: Ken's brother-in-law
Louise/Teresa About the Author Early Years & Education
Achievements Ken: Leon's Brother-in-law
Louise/Teresa Louise: Ken/Leon
Holy Water Teresa: Leon/Ken Teofilo: Grandfather/Respected figure
Old man Father Paul: Catholic Priest
Catholic way "not the only way of living" White: Forehead: Sharing, Purity, & Light Blue: Cheekbones: Wisdom & Intuition Green: Chin: Nature, Harmony, Healing Grey Feather: Hair: Respect Red Blanket: Buried: Red sand/ The Earth Cornmeal: Grave: Pueblo Indian Prayer Holy water: Grave: Cleansing, Dry Earth, Thirst Leslie Marmon Silko Location
Religious Beliefs
*prayers and requests

White Men vs. Peublo People
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