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Jesus Garcia

on 22 November 2012

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

THINGS I FIND TO BE FUN ARE HANGING OUT WITH MY FRIENDS, HAVING COOKOUTS ON WEEKENDS, SPENDING TIME WITH MY WIFE AND MY LITTLE NIECE AND RACING Jesus Born and raised in Texas I dont like school that much but my ambition has me pursuing a career so that i can make alot of money I've been living here ever since i was 5 Racing's my thing, whether its quads, cars or trucks, i like anything with lots of horsepower I gratuated from San Elizario High School i like the outdoors and i'd rather be outside doing something than inside watching tv I recently got married starting this year and i find myself to be very happy In high school, i boxed for about 2 years and up to this date boxing is my favorite sport My favorite television show is master chef. I think that mushrooms give food a good taste I PLAN ON OWNING MY OWN BUSINESS OR COMPANY IN THE FUTURE AND BE PART OF THE ONE PERCENT PROM IN HOLLYWOOD I currently attend college and I work in construction. I'm using both to learn as many skills as possible in order to make use of them in the future. The End I played football in high school and now I'm a big longhorns fan
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