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Human Resources Management

No description

Emily Rice

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management Assessment Item 2 HRM and it's Theoretical Base "Human Resources Management is about having the right people, in the right place at the right time" Instrumental (Hard) Approach
Humanistic (Soft) Approach a mixture of both is ideal! strategic partner
administrative expert
employee champion
change agent organizational culture trust
risks we do not see the benefits of Human Resources because they often fall into administration rolls and payroll duties... Occupational Health and Safety "culture is one of the most critical determinants of safety performance" safety at work..?
no supervisors
no safety alert system
particularly notorious area! accommodative proactive Performance Management performance appraisal systems smoking? terrorism?! should employee's be allowed to have a smoke break at work? no! it almost shocked me that terrorism was an issue for Human Resources.. out of their control! Strategies... defensive obstructionist how do we make OH&S work? link to OH&S strategy
corporate culture
consideration opinionated at heart But it doesn't always work! "Management commitment is vital to an effective performance appraisal program. All members of the management team need to understand appraisals purpose(s) and should agree that it is critical for management to participate in and support the system"
Regal and Hollman the Halo effect
central tendency
leniency/strictness bias
the recency effect
the relationship effect Hewlett Packard Problems were a catalyst for change formulate three personal and three professional goals rewards for meeting them no loss in productivity in conclusion... Jelly Belly having a variety of jelly bean flavors is great - a variety of performance appraisal processes in a single company is not... web-based application for managing employees "The feedback has been really positive, from both managers and employees as well. Some staff said this was the best appraisal they've had,"
"They felt the evaluations were fair and realistic, and supervisors had the scope to provide more relevant and legitimate comments than they could before. Rather than just clicking on a bunch of canned comments, they were accurately reviewing the employee."
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