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Native Americans

No description

dayle bailey

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Native Americans

How Natives Can Be Affected by a High Speed Train Through the Everglades

What's Happening
In the Everglades, some people are trying to make a high speed train and builders and agencies are agreeing to build this high speed train. However, the voters of FL have decided not to allow it.
Florida yesterday and today by Ann Rossi
What They Eat
In the past, Native Americans eat corn.They grew corn in the wet soil near the Everglades. The Everglades has rich soil. They also hunted fish, alligators, and other animals. They ate fruit in the mangrove forest. Different tribes also ate the same types of food.
How They Lived
Some Native Americans lived in villages on top of the water.They did not live in normal houses.They lived in houses made out of sticks. Native Americans did not attend school and they learned from their parents. They also took baths in the Everglades.
Problems with the Train
People are agreeing to build the high speed train so they can go places faster.They will make more money. It would be easier for people to visit the Everglades from around the state.
How They Hunted
by: Emily Bonilla, Dayle Bailey, David Luong, Daniel Portes,and Jonah Valdespino
Why It's Happening
They hunted in animal skin to camouflage in with their surroundings. They hunted fish with weapons made from stone. They also hunted with the ends of sawgrass.
Oil spills from the train might reduce the animal population, that means less to eat for the the Native Americans. Also, noise pollution might effect their normal everyday lives.
Florida's Land by Lisa Morgan
Preserving Unique Place Our National Parks by Emily Wortman-Wunde
Exploring the Natural World by Liz West
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