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Who is my next boss?

I am what I am today only because of my all of my bosses who have guided me even after I left their respective companies! My Next boss. Is it you? Or the one you know?

Manoj Kandasamy

on 24 March 2011

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Transcript of Who is my next boss?

Marketing communication... Is evolving faster than we imagined. A successful model today… Can be a disaster
tomorrow. The challenge… How to create a dynamic team that adapts to change. Its getting tougher Because... People are afraid of
taking that extra step
due to the FEAR of
failure. There are few... Who walk that with passion to learn new things. This a story of some one like that :) A Computer science student by force Communication student by choice What I learned in my
advertising career? Its a great privilege to work for exciting companies that shaped me to what I am today. During the course of my advertising career I learned that... Advertising need to shift from a PROCESS creating a (Brand) CULTURE. to B'coz of... Internet More importantly ... the world is shifting from the Gen X
to the millennials and
then to the digital natives. What I learned as a digital (mobile) communication professional? Digital is not about the technology OR device OR the platform... But its about the digital consumer who is on-the-go
and socially embedded. They are enabled with tools to express themselves. The day where I get exposed to brand communication that are personalized, customized and relevant is getting closer. WHY? Because… Consumers haven’t changed… but the way they consume
media has changed! Traditional media STEALS their time. Interactive media EARNS their time.
(That’s why they luv it) What I believe in… Never do marketing TO consumers... Do marketing WITH them.
(Graham Brown - Mobile Youth) The shift has begun Advertising as we know it will
end in the next 5 years…
(IBM Study) Brands have to understand that, in the era of web 2.0 their website is not www.brandname.com BUT Because that’s where your consumers look out for your brand. What I am looking in my new job? Creating meaningful brand communications not ‘Campaigns’. Not a big office space or a brand name but a great team. More importantly the place where there is a belief … Consumers are not Target Groups. They are human beings too! Are you the one? Lets catch up over a coffee :D Ciao... @manojksamy

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