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2012 final report

No description

Rodion Mironov

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of 2012 final report

final report Rodion Myronov,
CDP UA Oracle trainer
since July 23, 2012 Oracle expertise map Development Administration Performance DWH & BI Introduction
to Oracle SQL Introduction
to PL/SQL Advanced Oracle SQL PL/SQL collections Oracle administration basics DB instance tuning Backup
recovery High availability solutions overview SQL tuning
basics Oracle apps tracing and profiling Advanced SQL tuning RAC
deployment and administration Data Guard
deployment and administration Dimensional design basics Oracle features for DWH DBs ETL process basics ETL with Oracle Data Integrator Designing business models with Oracle BI EE Presentation layer with Oracle BI EE Development best practices Testing Oracle applications DB change management process Performance analysis and modeling Delivery
statistics Trainings prepared:
# of trainings - 3.
total duration - 84 h. Trainings delivered:
# of trainings - 8.
total duration - 198 h.
total man-hours - 1 636 h.
avg. feedback mark - 4.85 out of 5.
feedback coverage - 95.83% Learning stats:
"Art of Public Speaking" training.
10+ oracle-related webinars.
set of DWH & BI books by Ralph Kimball.
CDP BI system creation in progress. Cost performance No data Systematic problems No problems :) Delivered by Vitaliy Zhyrytskyy Delivered by Vitaliy Zhyrytskyy
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