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Film Making

No description

jonty debono

on 4 May 2011

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Transcript of Film Making

Film Making 3. The production: This is when most of the filming takes place. There are five stages that are used in film making. 1. The development of the film:
This is producing a draft of the script. 2. The pre-production:
This involves choosing the right location, hiring the right cast and crew and making the set. 4. Post-production: This is when the movie is edited, all the special effects are added and sounds and music are added. 5. Sales and distribution: Distributers or possible buyers view the film. Chroma keying is a very useful special effect. Chroma keying allows producers to film in a studio and edit another background into the scene. The End Here are some of the crew needed to make a film. Producer: Supervises, hires crew, arranges distributers. Production manager: Supervises the more physical parts like technology, schedule and the budget. Director: Chooses the right location and chooses camera and lighting positions.
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