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Hannah Hasenwinkel

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Wanting to Start
When I was six years old, I had a babysitter named Kaylee. She always used to play the piano and since I looked up to her, I wanted to learn.
The Prayer
In May, 2007, I started to beg for piano lessons. My mom was worried we wouldn't be able to find a good teacher. So one day, she prayed for a nice, Christian teacher who lived near by.
The Miracle
Soon, my mom saw one of our neighbors who mentioned a piano teacher who moved in down the street. My mom then took me down the street to the house we thought the new teacher moved to, but the lady said that the new teacher had moved in across the street. As she said that, Angela walked out to get the mail. We talked for a while and soon she gave my mom her business card that had a Bible verse on it.
The First Summer
My lessons started in June on Thursdays at 3:30. My first concert was in August and I played "Haunted Mouse." Over that summer, I finished two books.
The School Year
That school year I performed in a concert for just piano players, I also performed in another concert in March. At that concert, I saw some percussion ensemble musicians and I thought they were annoying and loud. I didn't like them because they caused the concert to be two hours long.
Through the next four years, I continued lessons, and eventually finished all of the lesson books by 2009. I kept performing songs like "Snowflake Rag", "Maple Leaf Rag", "Prelude in C", and "Ballade". I performed "Ballade" for a panel of Fine Arts Judges, and scored a 99 out of 100, which was the highest score for pianists.
Becoming a Better Musician
By 2011, I was playing classical music. Most of the music was from the Baroque period, which doesn't have much feeling in its music. I performed the pieces "Solfeggietto" and "Avalanche" in 2011.
Changing Interests
After watching percussionists at my piano recitals, I became interested in trying it. Once I started in June 2012, I loved it. When November rolled around, Angela said that I was good enough to play in the percussion ensemble. So I joined, and met a bunch of my closest friends.
On March 19, I knew I had to perform an eight minute marimba solo, a complex snare solo and the stress of all the ensemble pieces. Lucky for me, my performances went flawlessly.
My First Percussion Concert
Today, I'm still taking lessons. My hard work has payed off because I'm playing Chopin on piano, playing marimba with two mallets in each hand, drumming to Skillet, my favorite band, and learning new techniques every week.
Music Today
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