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Waste Management

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edasuhfas asdjkasdfnaskd

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Waste Management

Waste Management
By: Moeen and Ronald
The following is a list of the different places where our excess waste can go:
Blue Bin
Green Bin
Curbside equipment
Yard Waste

Helps by re-making items into other things we need in our daily lives.
The following are a few items we can put into the blue bin:
Anything thats made out of paper except for toilet paper
Aluminum cans
Your plastic water bottles
Plastic shopping bags

reduces how much waste is put into garbage
great fertilizer for plants
reduces global warming
without composting the waste in landfills create greenhouse gasses It also saves natural resources.

Composting is very resourcefull to the environment Blue Bin
recycling 1 ton of paper can save:
26 litres of water
3.3 cubic yards of land space
42 galloms of oil
17 trees
4,000 killowatt hours of energy (enough energy to power a home for 6 months!

Why too many people dont recycle:
some people dont know about:
what goes in the recycling bin
why or how it helps the environment
some people are just too lazy or dont care
The following are a few things can be composted: Composting needs these 4 things for it to compost its ingredients:
Water Did You Know??
Canada has atleast over 200 active landfill sites.
134 Recycling plants
The Michigan landfill handled over 57.5 cubic yards of waste in 2002, 11 to 12 percent of that waste came from Canada.
The End! Thank you for Listening!
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