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Smoke Stack Scrubbers - Impossible Without Chemistry

10-04 Science Research Project By Aidan, Lucas, and Keratin. Special Notes: aazwedcgbjigg bfk fs uk5ts kj

Aidan O'Gorman

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Smoke Stack Scrubbers - Impossible Without Chemistry

Negative Aspects Positive Aspects With the help of smokestack scrubbers it reduces sulfur emissions in the air up to 90 percent As well as help decrease asthma the less sulfur in the air means less sulfur dioxide which is one of the leading causes of acid rain Much of the pollutants cleaned from smokestacks by scrubbers is dumped back into the coal mines from which it originally came. If the highly poisonous sludge comes in contact with water reservoirs, the whole section of water becomes contaminated with the hazardous substance. Pollutants in coal ash (a type of gypsum) lead to cancer, organ failure and nervous system damage. Coal ash contaminated surface water with Lead, Arsenic, and Mercury Smokestack Scrubbers A prezi by Aidan, Lucas, and Keiran The End Thank you for listening! What are smokestack scrubbers? Scrubbers are purification devices used in smokestacks to eliminate pollutants from becoming released into the air. Pollutants Pollutants are substances released into the environment that have undesired effects. The main pollutants that are created from smokestacks are carbon dioxide (CO ), sulfur dioxide (SO ), and tiny particles of dust. CO contributes to global warming, SO creates acid rain, and the particles of dust contribute to respiratory problems. 2 2 2 2 These pollutants were released into the air by the combustion of a material, such as coal. How do these scrubbers work? The clean gas then flows up through the smokestack, completing the process. There are two types of scrubber variations, wet scrubbers and dry scrubbers. The difference is essentially how it purifies the gas, a wet scrubber will use water, and dry scrubbers will use other means of achieving the purification. Also, the dry scrubber normally costs more than its wet counterpart. Wet Scrubbers Which sulfur in the air helps increases asthma Dry Scrubbers Since the pollutants are attached to the fine particles, they do not pass through, resulting in much cleaner gas flowing through the smokestack. And most importantly they help decrease the amount of pollution on our planet It all starts when a combustible material is burned, creating a pollutant gas. The flowing gas then dissolves in water vapor, which condenses and flows down into a miniature water purifying plant. It then separates the sediments from the water, allowing the water to be re-used again. The sediments then get passed through a filter material, such as limestone. The resulting chemical reaction creates a synthetic form of the mineral gypsum, which is used to make concrete or drywall. As the combusted gas flows through the chamber, a slurry of fine particles are sprayed, connecting to the harmful materials in the gas. The gas is then put through a filter that allows the gas to go through, but stops the fine particles. http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2010-02-23/news/bal-smokestackletter0223_1_pollution-electricity-higher-costs http://books.google.ca/books?id=rxVBLC-mL_UC&pg=PA132&lpg=PA132&dq=cost+of+smokestack+scrubbers&source=bl&ots=X7jos_ugqU&sig=LxG1IeoB_kHw3kNFpr47zUlYqI0&hl=en&sa=X&ei=3Wd7UNbbFoO7ygGy2IHYBg&ved=0CHkQ6AEwCTgK#v=onepage&q=cost%20of%20smokestack%20scrubbers&f=false The cost of the smokestack scrubbers are not cheap. To have them installed in the majority of coal-burning smokestacks, it would cost millions of dollars. This chart demonstrates the price of different scenarios: http://www.ehow.com/how-does_5113845_do-smokestack-scrubbers-work.html http://ageconsearch.umn.edu/bitstream/15141/1/31010123.pdf
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