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United Prezi

No description

Maneesh G

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of United Prezi

Real Life Situation
"New App Tracks Child's Phone"

Emphasis on the moral agent
(Based on virtue ethics)


Emphasis on the people affected by the choice
(Based on utilitarianism)
Natural Sciences
Faith, transformed into a form of justification and thus impacting how conclusions are drawn from experience.

Knowledge Question
What is the scope of the reasoning method in attempting to validate knowledge?
Areas of Knowledge
Ways of Knowing
Natural Sciences
Religious Knowledge
The need for precision within language, to articulate perspectives regarding the natural world.
Religious Knowledge
A mobile app to be launched in the UK will provide parents with the capacity to remotely monitor all the online activity of their children.

Location of the child can also be reached, through built-in alert system.

"It would be a very good idea if I could get access into [the phone's data], even just to monitor what's happening in her life every couple of days" (Green, BBC News 2015)
"Student Safety App available to MLC School community"
The Scope of Reason

Maneesha Gopalan
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