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Period 6 Juan Civil War

No description

C.J. Juan

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Period 6 Juan Civil War

Slavery Economic Dred Scott Federalism Constitution Civil War Constitution Sectionalism Constitution
slavery Slaves allowed
as 3/5ths
person slave trade
doesn't end
until 1808 Ratification hi there Finished
Ratified in 1791 Slaves allowed as 3/5ths person for rep. hi hi there hi Slave Trade
stops in
1808 Constitution can't
be amended
until 1808 Civil War Constitution cannot
be amended until
this point Next generation
would have
to deal
with issues Used for
representatives Election
of 1860 Made slavery
topic Republicans "No man can own
another man...
Slavery must be
prohibited." Lincoln from
Illinois South Carolina
Secedes opposed to
slavery Fort
Sumter South attacks
U.S. Troops, and
Civil War
Begins Confederacy
Forms War between
two groups
in one country
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