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Logical Fallacies Within Advertisements

No description

on 15 March 2014

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies Within Advertisements

Logical Fallacies Within Advertisements
Old Spice Commercial
Allstate Car Insurance Commercial
Sprite Commercial
ADT Commercial
Ram Truck Commercial
Volkswagen Commercial
Logical Fallacies Used In Sprite Commercial
Rapper Drake is very well-known and drinks Sprite
Blind Loyalty
A loyal fan of Drake must accept that Sprite is a soda worth buying
False Analogy
Drake is a great rapper who drinks Sprite, you want to be a rapper like Drake, therefore you should drink Sprite to be like Drake
Fans of rapper Drake
and people who aspire to be like rapper Drake

Drake is a well-known rapper who enjoys drinking Sprite

Meant to Persuade:
Get the audience to feel like they have to buy and drink Sprite to be like Drake

What does the message say about a group of society:
Aspiring rappers and Drake fans are willing to do anything like drinking Sprite soda to be a rapper like Drake or to show devotion to Drake

Logical Fallacies Used In Old Spice Commercial
Ad Hominem
"If he would stop using lady scented body wash"
Non Sequitor
The man in the commercial list numerous things that does not follow the facts about Old Spice
False Analogy
The man on the commercial uses Old Spice and is an manly man, therefore men should use Old Spice be manly men
Analysis of Old Spice Commmercial
Young men who want to impress young women with their scents and young women who want young men to smell good

Old Spice has a scent that can make a man smell amazing as well as be amazing and young men should buy it to impress young women

Meant to Persuade:
The message is to persuade the audience to want to buy the Old Spice products and feel as confidence and be as amazing as the man in the commercial

What does the message say about a group of society:
The message states that today’s young men try to impress young women with anything this including scents and young women are attracted to young men that smell good and do amazing things like in the commercial

Analysis of Sprite COmmercial
Logical Fallacies Used in Ram Truck Commercial
Analysis of Ram Truck Commercial
Logical Fallacies Used in Allstate Insurance Commercial
Analysis of Allstate Insurance Commercial
Logical Fallacies of ADT Commercial
Analysis of ADT Commercial
Logical Fallacies Used in Volkswagen Commercial
Analysis of Volks Wagon Commercial
Appeal to Heaven

“ So God made a farmer….”

Red Herring
The commercial has nothing to with the Ram trucks

Argument from Ignorance

We cannot truly test or prove God created farmers so therefore it must be true



Ram trucks are the trucks for farmers because they work hard like farmers and are made for farmers

Meant to Persuade:

Make farmers feel like they were created by God and and have the divine right to own a truck that is worthy for a farmer or a creation of God

What does the message say about a group of society:
States farmers are very important people who deserve to have the best which are Ram trucks

Hasty Generalization

Teenage girls cannot drive with emotions

Just In Case

The rare possibility of a teenage girl learning that a guy she likes has been kissed and being emotionally distraught and crashing into a car yet continuing to drive off

Slippery Slope

If you have a car and you choose not to have Allstate car insurance then your car will not be protected and then someone will crash into your car and you will have to pay it all by yourself without any help because you did not get Allstate insurance

Audience: Car owners

Car insurance like Allstate is essential to help car owners protect their cars during accidents and help the car owner with payments for the car damage

Meant to Persuade:
Convince car owners they need to buy Allstate car insurance in case of an accident

What does the message say about a group:
The message states that teen drivers can be careless and unreliable behind the wheel and cause accidents

Hasty Conclusion
Our neighbors home was broken into so our home will be broken into
Poising the Well
“ No one looks out for you like ADT”
We Have to Do Something
There are breaking and entering and we have to protect our home and family with ADT

They Are Not Like Us
Other security companies do not protect you like ADT because ADT thinks differently

Playing on Emotions
Think of your family being put in danger of a criminal breaking into your home where it should be safe

Homeowners and homeowners who live with family

Homes and families can be protected from criminals with ADT security services

Meant to Persuade:
Get the audience to feel unsafe without a security system in their home and to persuade the audience to buy ADT security system service

What does the message say about a group in society:
The message states that homeowners are concerned and worried about the protection of their homes and families from criminals

Hasty Generalization
People with a Jamaican accent are happy people
False Analogy
People with Jamaican accents are happy people , the car gives you a Jamaican accent therefore the car will make you a happy person

Happy people are people with Jamaican accents

People who are looking to buy a car

Volkswagen cars can make a person happy

Meant to Persuade:
Make the person feel happiness comes from buying a Volkswagen

What does the message say about a group in society:
The message states that people who do own a Volkswagen car are happy people

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