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Chemistry in my life

No description

Norose Tahir

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Chemistry in my life

Chemicals In My Life The chemical components found in product.
The chemicals found in this product are as followed...
1.sodium alkyl aryl ether sulfate
2. C12-14 alcohol ethoxylate
3. C12-15 Alchohol Ethoxylate
4. sodium carbonate (INCI)
5. sodium alkylbenzene sulfonate
6. Acrylic Acid Homopolyer
7. Oleic Acid How the chemical components benefit the purpose of the product ( how its used).
0. solvent
1.surfactant-cleaning agent (for # 2 and 3)
4. PH Adjuster
5. Surfactant- Cleaning agent
6.dispersing Agent
7.Lubricant Product disposal system works as followed...
-Really small house hold quantities are usually disposed in sewers. How the Product is used?
Step1: Pretest: For very spoiled areas, pour directly onto tough stains and then rub. Then toss the item in the washer and wait for results. Step2: Measure: Follow the instructions on the back of the Arm and Hammer bottle, and use the amount instructed. Use more or less depending on how large and small the load is and how heavily spoiled it is. Step3: Pour: Add Arm and Hammer liquid detergent to washer as it fills with water, and then add your desired load.
This detergent cleans in all temperatures. -if large quantities of laundry detergent is involved then its usually disposed in landfills if approved by the law. -If sewer is used in disposing this product then many get rid of it by pouring a lot of water down the drain. How it impacts the Environment and Health -Can be very dangerous if one swallows or inhales the product. It can can cause serious eye injuries and burns if not treated properly. Product can cause severe skin irritation. -Can be very toxic if ingested, and cause different internal injuries. If inhaled can cause irritation in nose, throat and lungs. DISPOSAL
Bottle should be properly empty before discarding it. Causes air pollution when the product is made and when it's disposed off. Thank you
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