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Research: Existing Media

No description

Chris Taylor

on 24 November 2016

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Transcript of Research: Existing Media

The English Garden magazine has seen quite a few major changes in content and design through editors in more recent years in order for them to appeal to a more younger audience. They have been using different advertising techniques such as social media because they have Facebook page with a lot of likes and followers. Right now they are being produced by a larger company by the name of the 'Chelsea Magazine company' and they have over 50,000 copies in circulation around the county.

The magazine was originally created in order to appeal to people who wanted to get into gardening, by giving them a lot of tips and tricks to help them through their agriculture and making their garden look better. Today there is still evidence of this throughout the magazine however there has been a shift in focus so there is less attention on it.
From my research that I looked at, I have found that the magazine is mostly aimed towards people that are adults and middle aged, typically more for women too. This is seen with the language and the types of design that is seen throughout, such as the fonts where a serif type is noticeably common throughout, this type shows more elegance and sophistication. There is a lack of slang words too, meaning that it is aimed at a more dignified market.
As a result from looking at these two regional magazines, I am able to come to the conclusion that it is common for the front cover of the magazine to feature a long shot of some sort of landscape within the region. This would always be capturing a peaceful scene to convey to the reader that the magazine itself is a peaceful and relaxing magazine, showing sophistication. I intend to stick to this convention when it comes to making my magazine, this is because I feel that a long shot would do the job best in order to gather a larger audience to buy the magazine. However, using different types of shots such as close ups could also have their own advantages in the fact that they are instantly recognizable of what the imahe is meant to be when yo uare looking at it from a distance.

I will be using a long shot on the front cover of my magazine as I feel that it will create the necessary attention that the front cover will need in order to grab the attention of the user.
The magazine took out a survey within one of the issues in order to get a full grasp on who is actually the main audience is. They did this so they were able to shift their focus to them in order to keep their attention. These were the results:

1. Age of 43
2. 67% of audience were female
3. 33% male
4. 78% works a full time job, a staggering 3% were students and 11% make up the part timers.

From this survey we are able to tell that the main audience who buy the magazine are going to be female in the middle and working class and once read once maybe loyal to the magazine.
The magazine Kent Life began in the year 1962 after the caring of the wildlife within the county of Kent became a big thing after WW2. Over time, the magazine developed into a more of a lifestyle magazine for the people who lived in Kent, including the history and gardening, this brought with it more people buying the magazine, being the older generation. I chose to look at this magazine since it is similar to the direction that I want to go in for my project which is aimed at the middle class and higher, it is also the regional magazine for where I live too.
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