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Management Project

This Prezi is too present my Ideas for my Management project.

Sebastian Atherton

on 23 June 2013

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Transcript of Management Project

S.M.A.R.T Targets for:
Management and Release project
This project I will be sourcing and manag
-ing a band.
I have created this Prezzi to present an image and idea of what the final peice will look like.
I will be writing three songs, gigging them an releasing them.
The Band
Sebastian Atherton,
Colin Peel,
Colabaration with Little Peices.
The Studio Team
The Video Team




Management Project

Marketing Campaign
Send out EPK to Venues
Whats methods of promotion will you use?



Me, Colin,Dion, Luke Thomas.
Me, Colin, Mikey Linch.
Marketing & Promotion in the Music Industry
P1 Outline Marketing Techniques used by music business.
M1 Explain Marketing Techniques Used By Music
D1 Analyse Marketing techniques used by music businesses.
Describe and Explain how you will utilize functionality of social media platforms. Then give the advantages and disadvantages to using each type of social media. You could also draw comparison between platforms. For instance compare twitter to Facebook.
USP- Unique Selling Point
Describe explain and critically comment
on your artists USP.
Demographic and Physcographic
Describe your Demographic and Physcographic for existing or potential fans of your artists.

Give the advantages and disadvantages to having information and knowledge on your demographic and physcographic profiling.
Research genre specific magazines,
forums, web designs, fan sites etc.
You Tube Chanel
What to include? EPK, Music Video
How are you going to promote the Chanel?
Write a press release

What will the demographic of the
newspaper be intrested in?

What slant on the story are you going
to take?
Genre specific Internet radio
Research the demographic
of each station.

Contact details of DJ's.
Interview performance
play track.

What are the reasons advantages and disadvantages to using internet radio?
U Stream Performance
Get live coverage on U-Stream
Marketing and Promotion in the industry
in the music industry.
P1 Outline marketing.
M1 Explain marketing techniques used by music businesses.
D1 Analyze marketing techniques
used by music businesses.
Interview Questions
Reason/Benfits of including
an Interview in the EPK?

What questions would you
ask and why??

Who, What, When and How??

Gant Chart
Links to other parts of overall

Event management
The Event
We will be organizing a gig to sell and promote our songs.

The gig will be taking place at the roundhouse in High Wycombe.

The Gig will be taking place on Friday 31st of May.
The Performers
Little Peices
Elle Higgs

Travel costs for Performers 0 pounds
Security Guards 65 pounds
Drinks and Confectionery 22.50 pounds
Tickets 22.50 pounds
Posters & Flyers 12.50 pounds
Photographer 60 pounds
Videographer 20 pounds

Total 202.50 pounds

Made Back 150 pounds
30 people came

Loss 52.50 pounds

Sell out 600 pounds
Profit would of been - 397.50
@ 5 pounds per ticket

Breakeven 41 people
Venue Manager- Eroll (sound studio)
In house technician- Rnaan
Videographer- Faye
Sound Engineers- Mike & Tom
Stage Manager- Matt Varley
Lighting Technition- Mike
Graphic Desighner- Bassline Ar
Video - Becca
First Aider- Chris
Online Marketing Co-ordinator- AMCS
Market Research Co-ordinator- AMCS
Backline- Amy, Triston, Vance
Presenter- Carl Langton
Interviewers- Lauren & Nicole
Dates- 14th March, 20th March,
2nd May

Things we discussed- Date, Times, Sound Checks, Videos for Promo, AMCS, Flyers, Promo, Security, 1 Male 1 Female, Start from 7-11pm, First Aider, Tickets to control crowd capacity, Hal Capacity 120, Sound Check Finish at 5, Refreshments, All Ages, All ages, Non Alcoholic, Video for individual artist compilation, Interviews, Marketing Campaign strategy.. Work on Percentages Pre Costs, Staff.
Things to do Before Marketing
Method statement
Equipment List
Event Name
Sound Check Times
Tickets Pre Sale Post Sale
Stage Plan for each Artist
All Ages
Doors 7-11
31st May 2013

Marketing Meeting
Face for Us (Event and Organisation)
Facebook Promo first
Give a taste of the product
Student night- Yates etc
Bucks Free Press
Radio Local (SEB)
Interviews for After
Wycombe Youth Action
Organize a Staff Meeting
When we have the whole team we will have a meeting at the roundhouse with everyone to ensure every one is confident and happy within there role to ensure the event is a success.
Facebook is a great way to to get your music out there and seen by people. People have the option to then share or like your song which will then make it viable to other people.
Though there have been attempts, there has yet to be a social networking site that allows for a social media user experience that will lure people from both illegally downloading and iTunes. The idea behind a music social networking site is the ability to share music with friends. Sites such as Last FM allow users to see what their friends are listening to, however; there are very few ways to provide a discussion around the music. A site that incorporates the sociality of Facebook, with chat, commenting, likes, etc. with the emotional experience of music (and sharing music), may revolutionize the industry. If users are allowed to share their songs between friends, generate playlist, and discuss the music, then a legally downloaded song from the site now has the “added value” of the social component (Buskirk).
Incorporation of the social aspect can cause hyper-user oriented advertising to be taken even further. Even advertising other artists through what your friends “like” can be an additional resource for marketing and building a fan base. Targeting customers (and groups of friends) in certain areas can help market to certain demographics based on touring and can even have a secondary component for “offline” interaction with concerts, tagging and checking in. These sites could be a music lover’s haven and an advertisers dream. While, of course, these sites will not have the popularity of mass marketed sites, such as Facebook or YouTube, it will be able to capture the serious music fans, which in this time of market segregation may be more beneficial and able to stay loyal rather than the drive-by single downloader. “Teenagers, the age group most attached to socializing around entertainment; do not have the kind of income that many advertisers would like to attract. But they make up for it with loyalty” (Shannon).
You Tube
There has been no other website that has revolutionized the Internet like YouTube. Since its launch in 2005, it quickly became the most talked about and frequented websites in existence. YouTube’s ability to quickly share videos, embed them on other sites and do all its functions at no cost to the consumer have made the company extremely popular. But it became apparent early on that monetizing this success would be a challenge: although YouTube’s first year was very successful in establishing a strong brand, 100 million hits per day yielded profits of only $15 million.
The key, therefore, was to find a way to monetize the service without sacrificing the business’s vision of easy and free access and diffusion. YouTube made its profits from advertisements played on the site and videos. When the company first started, it was difficult to anticipate which videos would go viral and which members would have a following of their own. This made it hard for advertisers. While YouTube’s embedding functions helped launch its popularity, the sheer variety of its video postings were all over the place. In time, the videos became easier to classify and marketing became more focused.
YouTube and Music
Music videos, especially, would make YouTube more desirable for advertisers. For a while, music videos made up over half of its content. If an artist had a strong fan base and fared well on the charts, it was very likely that audiences would follow. Advertisers took notice, and You Tube at last became a top-grossing website.
Yet major record labels became threatened by the easy accessibility of music videos. Because no proper compensation was paid, they proceeded to use the courts to remove videos where copyright infringement was noted. Warner, in particular, did not take kindly to YouTube’s earnings and made a point to shutter all unauthorized content. At the time, YouTube had no way of preventing copyrighted materials from being uploaded and, as a result, could not track infringing material. Warner has since made amends with YouTube and now allows content that is not completely in violation of copyright. Instead, Sony, EMI and Universal have chose to share their music videos with Vevo—a service that only displays professional high-quality product.

Gone are the days when bands such as Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin conquered the world with millions upon millions of album sales. Gone are the days when major record labels such as Capitol Records and Atlantic Records constantly pumped out platinum records as if on an assembly line. The death of the glory days of Rock and Roll can largely be attributed to the rise of digital music in the early 2000′s.

The Beatles in their early years.
On top of the advent of digital music, the impact of social media on the music and record industry may prove to be the final nail in the coffin for many record companies if they fail to adapt and incorporate the uses of social media into their business operations.

Social media sites such as MySpace and Facebook have capitalized on the accessibility and effectiveness of digital music by integrating its capabilities into a more tangible and useable form for its users. Myspace, for example, allows its users to listen and sometimes even download music by their favorite artists for free, thus offering an easier and much cheaper way for people to listen to the music they love.

Not only does social media make music more available to the general public, it also makes tracking and following your favorite artists much easier as well. Twitter has been the most influential in providing this service to music enthusiasts and it has become a very powerful marketing tool for musical artists to spread their music and ideas.

Note the sharp decline in album sales beginning around 2000 and continuing throughout the decade.
While social media and digital music have played a large role in decreasing album sales, this does not mean that they have had strictly negative effects on the music and record industry. For all the same reasons that social media has made the idea of buying records an idea of the past, the benefits that social media offers can be harnessed by record companies to increase the size of their pocketbooks (even if the primary source of revenue is not via album sales).

Record companies need to utilize the advantages of social media and harness its power in order to spread the word of their featured artists and get people talking about them. Social media can also be a great way for record companies to create a community around their brand and artists. Instead of attacking social media, record labels should focus on embracing it and adapting to the changing environment of the music business because “social media is not a fad, it’s a fundamental shift in the way we communicate“.
Social Media: A Double-Edged Sword On The Music Industry

While zealots will immediately point to either Twitter or Facebook as being superior, the truth is that each has its advantages and disadvantages and will tend to appeal more to different types of people and for different reasons. Each can have great or little value to anyone; it really depends on what you are trying to accomplish in a given situation. Consider some of the pros and cons of each network:

Twitter Pros

Easy to navigate and update, link to and promote anything
Reach far beyond your inner circle of friends
One feed pools all users; anyone can follow anyone else unless blocked
Pure communication tool, rapid responsiveness
You don’t have to be logged in to get updates; you can just use an RSS reader
Very interactive, extensible messaging platform with open APIs
Many other applications being developed (Twitterific, Summize, Twhirl, etc.)
Potential SMS text messaging revenue from wireless networks (although Twitter states they are not currently getting any cut)
Potential future advertising and/or enterprise subscription-based revenue streams
With its “thin” overhead, Twitter is probably more scalable than Facebook, giving it a cost advantage

Twitter Cons

Limited functionality; find people, send brief messages, direct replies
Limited to 140 characters per update
Not all people find it immediately useful
Over-emphasis on follower counts
Easily abused for spam and increasing the noise level
Relatively smaller installed user base
As yet no readily apparent monetization strategy

Facebook Pros

Application mashup; find people, make connections, email, instant messaging, image/video sharing, etc.
Most people can quickly grasp the value of connecting with friends, family and established contacts; some people report they use Facebook instead of email and IM
More emphasis on deep connections with others vs. who has the most connections
“True Friends” feature increases your transparency to selected connections; almost like having private and public profiles
Huge, rapidly growing installed user base
Inherit stickiness, third party applications, “gift giving” and personal data collection make Facebook a powerful advertising platform

Facebook Cons

More difficult to navigate and update
Requires investment of time to realize sustained benefit
Opt in model requires a user to allow others to connect
Less immediate responses; unless you stay logged on continually
Overhead of mashup and “thick” applications could limit scalability, bloat cost structure
So Which Social Network is the Best?
Our Events Page
Why is finance Important?
Firstly we set about looking at how much the venue would cost us. Luckily we have the venue for free as it is a college project we are able to put it through the college as a youth scheme.

In the meeting we discussed that we would be able to hold a maximum of 110 people. This would then mean that we would sell out at £550 selling tickets at a price of £5 each. For us to buy a batch of tickets would cost us a total of £15 pound which is reasonable for an event of our size. We decided £5 was appropriate and affordable to see 7 different acts playing. We felt our audience we getting a good deal for this price and it is competitive to other venues in the area which charge a similar amount. We checked to see if any other gigs like ours were happening on this night and discovered there weren't so it was safe to hold the event on this date.

To hold an event of this size we felt it would be necessary to hire two security guards. One being male and one being female because of laws searching people and handling people. The security is important because if the promotion pulls more than 110 people we would need to turn people away and also our target market tends to be the generation who like to use drugs and alcohol. So to ensure our event is safe for our customers we would need to hire security guards costing us £60 pounds each being a total of £120.

Drinks and confectionery we decided were important cause people will most likely be hungry and thirst during the event so it would be important to cater for this. obviously this is a small scale educational event so only drinks like coke and water would be necessary and chocolate bars and crisps just simple sources of food and drink. We decided the event would be non-alcoholic because this would make the finances allot less complicated. This could be a downfall for us because our target market is young and they tend to like to drink etc. This would cost us a maximum of 30 pound.

The flyers and posters we would need to promote our event would also be another cost to consider we designed the flyer ourselves and then did all the promotion ourselves so we saved money here however this could be a downfall as we haven't done it before. The Pros are that we have Learnt how do do it ourselves for the future. The posters and flyers only cost us a total of 5 pound for 500 flyers and 5 posters which are plenty for an event of our scale.

We then Looked travel costs for performers. It is important that we booked bands we could afford. As this is a college project we are managing to get young artists to play for free to promote them selves and gain a greater experience in doing so. However there cost to get the venue will mean we will have to pay a couple of them as they will be traveling from a distance. Elle Higgs will cost us a total of 30 pound. the music industry bands such as the killers will charge say £75 000 for one night too sell out a venue say as big as the O2 arena.
Firstly we set about looking at other events and how they are planned and the organization that goes in to setting them up. I even went to do work experience with Drive fire and Alternator and the Roundhouse in High Wycombe to shadow a sound engineer to see what goes on behind the scenes from start to finish.

I gained a greater idea of how to assign people roles and how to go about choosing the right people. Also in doing this I met people who have the skills and experience to be part of music event.

Also doing this showed me the right and wrong ways of doing this and who was reliable and who was not.
Get Up & Go 2K13
I teamed up with Keiren, Munraj, Vance & Amelia. We Decided our songs would all fit the same demographic and holding an event together would be the right thing to do.

As my song is alternative rock/pop which I will be performing an acoustic version of. Keirens is R&B Amelia's is Hip Hop, Munraj is Acoustic/Pop, Vance is Acoustic/pop.

Once deciding that all our demographics would fit each other and attract the same target market we would then begin designing a poster and Facebook page that would catch the eye off the people who would come to our event.
The Venue
Why is the Venue important?

We decided to choose the roundhouse in High Wycombe because we had been part of an event here before and we are familiar with the way things work there. So straight away we had a head start and motivation to get going. This will help to make things run smoother on the day.

Also we know the people who manage it and people who have worked there before who could help us and to top this off the venue is free which is perfect because this is for educational purposes and will allow us to spend money on other things to make the event better. If the event goes well enough we will defiantly be holding another.

Also The room space is enough to fit 110 people which is plenty for our event this could however be a downfall if we manage to pull more than the capacity.

The hall is spacious and has reasonably good acoustics which is good for the
bands we will have playing.

The Venue is also so great for the event were holding because it suits the image we are trying to portray. The hip hop R&B scene is underground and our venue is very underground looking and next to an underpass. its also right in the middle of town and the perfect place for our followers to come and see as most of the people following are acts all live locally. The venue is easy too access and we believe was the ideal venue for our event.
The First Meeting
Once deciding the event we were going to hold and which demographic and target market we were aiming for we decided on the venue.
We then proceeded to have a meeting with the manager of the venue and the organizer of sound studios EROL.

We Discussed EVERYTHING listed on the bubble to left of this one.

We Decided on a date and time.

We decided on everything that would need financing.

We Assigned roles.

We decided a ticket price.

We planned a marketing strategy.

We decided on a refreshments stall.
Bands/Line Up
The bands are the most important thing when it comes to holding an event. This is because they are the product. This is because people like listening to music

Keiren and I both felt it was a good idea for us to do the event together because our songs were of the same genre.

Following this Raj, Vance and Amelia teamed up with us to make the night bigger and better because there songs to were of the same genre.

It is important that the music played on the night is relevant so we attract the right demographic.
The Poster
When Promoting the event we knew the poster was going to be extremely important. The poster would be setting an image to our target market and be deciphering which audience we would be attracting to our event.

Keiren and I sat down and searched the internet for loads of different designs and ways of designing a poster. We found an extremely good looking Hip Hop Event Poster that we really liked the look of we felt it really suited our demo graphic. We decided we would desighn our poster around the ideas that had been used in the hip hop poster
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