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Bless me, Ultima

No description

Jeff Ray

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Bless me, Ultima

Confusion- "If the golden carp was a god, who was the man on the cross? The Virgin? Was my mother praying to the wrong God" (Anaya 200)
Religion- "Why couldn't there be a god who would never punish his people, a god who would be forgiving all the time" (Anaya 137)
Authors Background
By: Jeff Ray, Ryan Bird, Hayes Barger, Spencer Nickell, Brittany Clements
Born on October 30, 1937 in Pastura, New Mexico
Father, Martin Anaya, was cowboy
Taught high school and college classes
Cultural Background
Authors inspiration
Historical Background
Bless me, Ultima was written during the Chicano Movement
This movement was seen as a way to improve the economic and social lives of the Mexican American community while establishing in its own history and creativity.
Innocence is lost through wisdom and maturity
Conflicting cultures can result in confusion
Some will punish those who don't deserve it and some will forgive those who don't deserve forgiveness
Based most of his characters off of people he knew
Antonio's parents based largely off of his own parents
Setting based off of area he grew up in.
The beauty of the desert inspired his writings
-The book was set in 1940s, Guadalupe, New Mexico
Cultural Background
Bless Me, Ultima ties to Anaya's personal experiences and background
It also relates to the larger historical and cultural issues surrounding New Mexico
In the book it talks about immigration, religion, and war
-During the end of WWII
Antonio-7 year old boy, protagonist
Ultima-Antonio's Le Grande, a supposed witch
Maria-Antonio's Mother
Gabriel-Antonio's Father
Deborah and Theresa Márez- Antonio's sisters

-During the testing of the atomic bomb
The Llano

-Segregation was a major deal in Mexico at the time
Cultural Background
Dreams: "There are so many dreams to be fulfilled, but Ultima says a man's destiny must unfold itself like a flower, with only the sun and the earth and water making it blossom, and no one else meddling in it-" (Anaya 223).
Historical Background
Bless Me, Ultima explores the difficulty of reconciling conflicting cultural traditions
Antonio is so eager to find a single answer to the questions that haunt him because he has been influenced by many conflicting cultures
Antonio's parents, for example, have different cultures.

The Golden carp
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Tenorio Trementina-accuses Ultima of being a witch
Tenorio's three daughters
Narciso- town drunk
"You are innocent until you understand." pg.71
Ryan Bird
"You must never judge who God forgives and who he doesn't."
Pg. 33
Favorite quotes

"Time stood still, and it shared with me all that had
been, and all that was to come..." pg1 lines 10-11
Spencer Nickell
"The smallest bit of good can stand against all the powers of evil in the world and it will emerge triumphant." Pg. 98
"Take care of the evil in the wind."
Pg. 149
Brittany Clements
Freedom-"Ah, there is no freedom like the freedom of the llano!" my father said and breathed in the fresh, clean air"(Anaya 228)
Protection- "It hurled itself on Tenorio, and the sharp talons gouged out one eye from the face of the evil man" (Anaya 134)
"It will only end when blood is spilled" pg.150 line 22
Favorite quotes
Hayes Barger
-The Great Migration
Family: "My three brothers were back and our household was complete" (Anaya 64).
Significant quotes
Jeff Ray
"For what you have said to shame my daughters and my good name in front of those men, I will see you dead!" (Anaya 48)
"The golden carp," I said to myself, "a new god?" (Anaya 81)
"Ay, how true," my mother said and clutched me tightly, "and what a sin it is for a boy to grow into a man--" (Anaya 27)
"I can see the action now,' Leon rubbed his hands, 'money, booze, women--" (Anaya 67).
Comfort-"The owl had always been there. It sang to me the night my brothers came home from the war, and in my dreams I sometimes saw it guiding their footsteps as they stumbled through the dark streets of their distant cities" (Anaya 257)
False God-"The golden carp," I whispered in awe. I could not have been more entranced if I had seen the Virgin, or God Himself… I felt my body trembling as I saw the bright golden form disappear. I knew I had witnessed a miraculous thing, the appearance of a pagan god"
(Anaya 114)
"understanding comes with life" (Anaya 248)
"Evil is not easy to destroy" (Anaya 89)
"God made us to love, honor, serve and obey him" (Anaya 199)
"A man of learning can go far in this world, he can be anything" (Anaya 250).
Water: "Oh please tell me which is the water that runs through my veins, I moaned; oh please tell me the which is the water that washes my burning eyes! (Anaya 120)
Ultima's soul- "It was true that the owl was Ultima's spirit. It had come with Ultima, and as men brought evil to our hills the owl had hovered over us, protecting us" (Anaya 256)
Ultima's owl

Home-"The sun was good. The men of the llano were men of the sun. The men of the farms along the river were men of the moon. But we were all children of the white sun" (Anaya 27)

Miss Maestas-school teacher
George, Willy, Bones, Vitamin Kid, Horse, Lloyd, Florence-Antonio's friends
Father Byrnes- Catholic Priest
Prudencio Luna- Antonio's grandfather
Andrew, Eugene, and León Márez- Antonio's brothers
Juan, Lucas, Mateo, and Pedro Luna-Antonio's Uncles
Innocence is lost through wisdom and maturity- "No, no, I whispered through clenched lips. But it was too late for anything The frightened men responded by aiming their rifles over the side of the bridge...Many shots found their mark. I saw Lupito lifted off his feet and hurled backward by the bullets" (Anaya 22)
Some will punish those who don't deserve it and some will forgive those who don't deserve forgiveness-"God was not always forgiving. He made laws to follow and if you broke them you were punished. The Virgin always forgave"(anaya 44)
Conflicting cultures can cause confusion: "She took me to the front of the room and spoke to the other boys and girls. She pointed at me but I did not understand her" (Anaya 58)
"On the first day of school I awoke with a sick feeling in my stomach" (Anaya 51)
- "There are many gods, cico whispered, gods of beauty and magic, gods of the garden, gods in our own backyards but we go off to foreign countries to find new ones, we reach to the stars to find new ones" (Anaya 237)
-Ultima's soul


-False God
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