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Formula SAE Braking System

No description

Katie Doonan

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Formula SAE Braking System

By: Holly Reichard
Mohammed Sakaria
Mike Johnson
Katie Doonan Formula SAE Braking System Society of Automotive Engineers

Seven International Competitions

Over 200 Schools Involved

Standardized Braking Systems Background Vehicle Specifications
Calspan Tire Data
Vehicle Weight
Basic Suspension Data

Performance Specifications
Vehicle Top Speed
Stop Time
Weight Ratio Customer Inputs For Example For Example Standardization
Universal system
Ease of maintainence
Driver ergonomics
Competition mandate
Cost Goals and Objectives Wheel Assembly Rotors
Cast iron
7 inch diameter
4340 Steel
Stainless Steel
Wilwood PS1
Total Weight: 2.34lbs Factor of Safety: 3.4 Bias Assembly Master Cylinders
AP Racing 7855
14mm Front
22mm Rear
3 degrees of vertical movement Bias Bar
Trunnion bar
Minimizes vertical movement
AP Racing 5520 Brake Pedal Specifications
Pedal Ratio 5:1

Driver Ergonomics

400 lbs at master cylinders

80 lbs driver input

4130 Steel Four Main Components Total Weight: 1.66lbs Factor of Safety: 1.2 Additional Add Ins Driver Adjustment
Bias bar control
Wilwood knob Gas and Clutch Pedal
Adjustable cable throw
From 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch
Adjustable foot location
2 inches of height
Optional face or roller
4130 steel Gas / Clutch Pedal
Weight Per Pedal: 1.56lbs Cost Analysis Factor of Safety: 1.4 Factor of Safety: 1.7 Weight: 1.06lbs Weight: 1.49lbs Factor of Safety: 1.6 Total Weight: 1.22lbs Total Weight:
0.13lbs Conclusion SAE Competition
Standardized System
Obtain Parameters
Calculate Forces Design Four Main Components
Wheel Assembly
Master Cylinders
Bias Bar
Brake Pedal
Optional add-ins
Bias Bar Adjustment Knob
Gas/Clutch Pedal
Total Weight: 15.47lbs
Total Cost: $1,154.03 Questions? Sponsors NIU USOAR Program Torque = RxF
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