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No description

Anna Johnson

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethiopia

Ethiopia Anna Johnson Let me tell you a story Queen of sheba King Solomon Menelik I Ark of the Covenant 225 Haile Selassie Rastafari Bob Marley Early Years Oldest known human ancestors found in Ethiopia, more than 5.8-5.2 million years old
Migration from Asia began in 7th century B.C.
Christianity was brought to the region in A.D. 341 Menelik II Ruled from 1889-1912
Conincided with the Scramble for Africa
Treaty of Wuchale
March 1896, first major African victory
The Peace Treaty of Addis Ababa
Italy Colony in Eritrea
1889, the treaty was written in two languages
Italy's version stated its services would be demanded to the emperor for all communications with foreign powers
Italy used this treaty to claim control of the country
began to occupy parts of the country Ethiopia defeated Italy
March 1, 1896
New treaty was signed in the capital
First major victory since Hannibal Haile Selassie Ras Tafari
Emperor in 1930
Constitution in 1931
Some democratic principles but kept power in the nobility Italy (again) Renewded Interest
Ethiopia would serve as a bridge between Somalia and Eritrea
Mussolini invaded in 1935

League of Nations Called for help
Italy withdrew its membership
Others agreed with Italy
Man of the Year WWII Exile from 1936-1941
British forces
5 years later
Charter UN member

post WWII International praise
Old government in modern world
Border wars, famine, resentment in the masses Wollo Famine Last 2 years
Killed thousands
Media attention Derg Military communist group
Imprisoned and later died
The 80s Not good times
Border wars and cold war
Famine killing more than 1 million people Recent Years Eritrea declared independent
Multiparty elections
Border war with Eritrea in 1998
Opposition Parties Government Girma Wolde-Giyorgis Luncha, president
Meles Zenawi Asres, prime minster
Economy is improving at a fast pace
Still poor nation People Median Age: 16.9 years
1 million living with HIV/AIds
6.12 children per woman
85 million living in Ethiopia
Life Expectancy: 55.41 years

Religion 2/3 Christians
1/3 Mulsims
present in all forms of society
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