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mice/men thing

No description

Scott Keefer

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of mice/men thing

Ageism in "Of Mice
And Men" Candy "[That dog] ain't no good to you
Candy. An' he ain't no good to
himself." Candy's dog must be killed, due to age. Implying that the elderly have no purpose
other than a painful existence. Discrimination due to a person's age "They'll can me purty soon. Jus'
as soon as I can't swamp out no bunk houses they'll put me on the
county." Curly knows that his job is meaningless
with his age, and that his life is viewed as a life of pain..... ....just like his dog's was. A person's full right to life is not given. and an ageist society takes another job unrightfully. "Ever'body knowed you'd mess things up.
You wasn't no good. You ain't no good now, you lousy tart." Even in death, Candy, the elderly character
stereotypes people, and violates their
human rights. In this case, he still feels bitterness
over Curley's wife and promoting stereotypes of
a bitter old man, unable to forget
prejudice is defying human rights as well. There have been many acts
and organizations to combat
ageism. The Age Discrimination in Employment
Act of 1967... ...made it illegal to keep
a person from a job due to
a person's age. and greatly discouraged the
sterotyping of a person due to
age. Source: "The Age Discminination in Employment Act of 1967", Public Law 90-202 Advocacy groups such as the
Gray Panthers work with youth to "work for social and economic
justice and peace for all people." Source: Gray Panthers website Ageism continues in the world today,
not just in the 30's and 40's of the book. In 2008, Senator John McCain, a War Hero of Vietnam, ran for President His loss clearly is, at least partially,
due to ageism against the 72-year old. with nearly a third of the nations's voters
calling him unable to do the job due to his age. Source: Chicago Sun Times article by Lynn Sweet, published August 19, 2008 F.I.N.I.S. Clearly "Of Mice and Men"
is a representation of many cases of human
rights violations. Including violations of a person's rights due to his or her age, with Candy, a minor protagonist, being the icon of this injustice Quickly thrown out, as Candy well knows,
when he knows his job will end. and this thought fails, as there is still
social injustice, and economic injustice,
against all members of society, including the extremes of age.
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