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My Well

No description

White Fire

on 17 March 2014

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Transcript of My Well

It's just starting...
Help Everyone
My Well
My mom gave me a list of 35 things to do.
Every time I finish one of those items, I get 2 dollars. I chose to clean the floor, and it took 2 hours! While I was working, I heard kids playing outside. I longed to play with them. But I had to help the African kids. My grandpa found out I was working, and gave me another job. If I pick one bag of corn, I get 10 dollars! I got 5 dollars for getting good grades on the midterm test.

In April, I proudly walked up to the donation center, and donated the 70 dollars. But I knew, 70 dollars wasn't enough to build a well. 700 dollars would be enough money to build the well. The organizer of the African children donation center told me 700 dollars was too much for me. He said I already did a good job. But I said: " I will continue to donate, because I hope everyone in Africa can drink fresh water."
My mom really wanted to help me, so she did. She contacted a newspaper company and they interviewed me. I was on every popular newspaper in Canada. I got 25 dollars in the first week, and 7000 dollars at the end of 2 months.

After 2 years, I went to Africa. 5000 kids were shouting: "Ryan! Ryan! Ryan!" The elders brought me to a well. On it, it said: "Ryan's well for the
painful society." Africa was beautiful. On the same day, I whispered to myself:"I hope everyone in Africa can drink fresh water." I have donated 60, 000dollars so far.
In the Beginning...
One day, as I was at school, our teacher was telling us about how poor the kids in Africa were. If they were sick, they couldn't get medicine. They didn't have clean water and enough food. I immediately felt bad for them. Even if you donated a cent, it would be a fortune to them. The teacher said if you donate 70 dollars, they can get a well with clean water. I ran home wanting to help those kids. I begged my mom if I could have 70 dollars to help the African kids. She said no. It was too much for us to afford. My eyes started to fill with tears.
"Kids are dying out in Africa. We have to help them!" I pleaded.
My mom thought about it again, and talked about it to my dad. They were gong to help the African children!
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