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Nice Shot Cupid

No description

Jenny Jones

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Nice Shot Cupid

The genre of this book is Mythology because, there are Gods, Goddesses and mythical creatures in this book.
Nice Shot Cupid
Part of the series: Myth-O-Mania
Book by: Kate McMullan
Project By: Chloe Reid
Published By: Stone Arch Books A Capstone Imprint in 2012
Main Characters
One main character is Cupid. He is the God of love. Cupid is Zeus and Aphrodite's son. He has oily, red hair, braces, and a lot of pimples. He is in love with Psyche, a beautiful mortal.
Hades is another main character. He is the king of the Underworld. In this book, Hades is actually very kind and thoughtful. His dog is named Cerberus. He is married to Persephone. Hades is very honest unlike Zeus, one of his brothers. He has black hair and tan skin.
Psyche is a beautiful mortal. People are deserting Aphrodite's temples to follow Psyche. Aphrodite gets very mad and sends her son, Cupid to make her fall in love with the smelliest, grossest mortal he can find. But on this task, Cupid falls in love with Psyche, so he doesn't zing her. Cupid kidnapped Psyche and hides behind a curtain every night. He talks to her, but is too afraid to show himself to her because he thinks she won't like him with pimples, braces, and oily hair. Psyche accidentally sees Cupid and burns him with an oil lamp. Aphrodite forbids psyche to see him again, when she finds out that Psyche liked Cupid back. She sets Psyche up to a bunch of almost impossible tasks, saying that when she finishes, Psyche can see cupid again. But Aphrodite breaks her promises. Will psyche ever see Cupid again.
I think people should read this book, because it is somewhat funny, interesting, and not scary at all. People around the age of 10 through 13 would like it. Also, people that don't like huge books or scary books, and that like to read funny things would probably enjoy this book.. I give this book 5 stars.
The time of this book is in the Greek mythology time period. The main place that this book is in at The Thunder Court. It is one of Zeus' palaces. All of the buildings are made out of marble there. It is on the other side of Craggy Peak.
The theme of this book is don't worry about how you look. This is the theme because Cupid is afraid that Psyche won't like him because of how he looks, but Psyche already likes him no matter what.
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