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The Battle of Cold Harbour

No description

Brett Stell

on 23 March 2014

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Transcript of The Battle of Cold Harbour

Grant gave the order to attack on June 3 a decision that resulted in an unmitigated disaster. The Yankees met with heavy fire and suffered significant casualties, and were only able to reach the Confederate trenches in a few places.
Grant pulled out of Cold Harbor nine days later and continued to try to flank Lee’s army. The next stop was Peters burg, south of Richmond, where a nine-month siege ensued. Out of some 108,000 troops at the Second Battle of Cold Harbor, the Union suffered 13,000 casualties, while the Confederates suffered 2,500 casualties out of 62,000 troops.
Cold Harbor Battle Terrain

General Robert Lee
General Robert E. Lee was (as usual) outnumbered. At Cold Harbor Lee had 59,000 troops facing 109,000 Yankees. The previous four weeks of fighting had taken a considerable toll on both armies. The Union suffered casualties of 44,000, while the Confederates had casualties of 25,000. General Grant’s idea was to wear Lee’s army down by constant fighting, and cause Lee to lose by attrition.
Deaths In the Battle of Cold Harbor
General Grant
The Battle of Cold Harbor
The battle of Cold Harbor was a bloody and fierce battle. In this presentation you will learn about the battle of Cold Harbor and how it was one of the worst mistakes the Union army made during the Civil war. Also that , Grant’s Army of the Potomac was always moving to its left, hoping to flank the Army of Northern Virginia on its right. In early June, with the give and take of battle, the two armies were in a race to see which one would get to the crossroads town of Cold Harbor first. Lee won the race to Cold Harbor, but Grant was right behind. The whole war costed over 1 billion dollars.
The conditions of the battle were harsh. In the end the confederate army came on top. The union army confident that the battle would be a great win for them, but the confidence did not do well for them. General Grant once said, " This battle was one of the worst mistakes I've ever made.

In the Battle of Cold Harbor 7000 Union soldiers died and 1500 confederate died. 2042 union soldiers went missing and 1980 confederate went missing.This charge resulted in one of the bloodiest slaughters of the Civil War. Within only seven to eight minutes, seven thousand Union men fell at Cold Harbor. The dead and wounded covered a battlefield of five acres. A Confederate general commented; “I had seen the dreadful carnage in front of Marye’s Hill at Fredericksburg, but I had seen nothing to exceed this. It was not war; it was murder.”
Cold Harbor was no name to explain this battle terrain. The nearest harbor was miles away and the weather was anything but cold. The land was flat and featureless. It had small creeks, gullies, swamps, and dusty crossroads
Cold harbor terrain
Colt Army revolver
The colt army revolver was founded by Samuel colt. The revolver was used throughout the civil war mostly by the confederate fare. The colt army was an example of a secondary weapon which was used when your first gun was out of ammo or if you didn't have enough time to defend your self while reloading. Samuel Colt made a huge profit of this war.
Cold harbor Topography
The Cold Harbor Battlefield was featureless. It was plains so the battlefield was mostly flat. It was also surrounded by railroad which the confederate and union constantly fought over.
Food Rations
During the civil war food was not the best. Union soldiers ate pork, beef, hard bread, beans, peas, rice, hominy, coffee, sugar, salt, vinegar, and hardtack. The confederate ate bacon, cornmeal, molasses, peas, tobacco, and vegetables and rice.
Thousands of types of bullets were used during the civil war. Many for rifles or pistols such as colts. A tiny led ball was a standard bullet used. The bullet was also compatible for 400 other guns. In the battle of Cold Harbor the union used 6480000 bullets and the confederate used 372000
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I hope you learned something about the Battle of Cold Harbor and how much of a loss it was for the union army.
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