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Part 5: Asis, Indira, Priyanka, and Piyali Banerjie

No description

Dylan Roddy

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Part 5: Asis, Indira, Priyanka, and Piyali Banerjie

Part 5: Asis, Indira, Priyanka, Piyali
Roles of each character
Asis- As you know is the father to both daughters and the husband to Indira.

Indira- Mother to both daughters and wife to Asis.

Priyanka and Piyali- The daughters of Asis and Indira.

Their Experiences
Asis- Was very successful. He was not faced with too much adversity. However he did not prefer living in the United States over living in India. He had a great childhood in India.

Indira- Had a hard time trying to live in America. She did not like the culture and wanted to move back to India. She wanted her children to know their true heritage and could not do so living in the U.S.

Their Experiences
Priyanka- Hated college in the United States, she would often cry everyday. She struggled with a language barrier.

Piyali- Disliked both High School and College in the U.S.
-Was very susceptible to people in her school which resulted in her eating badly. She also lacked discipline at the time.
Priyanka And Piyali
-Daughters of Asis and Indira.
Priyanka- Always felt like in her heart she was more of an American than Indian. Went to college at Calvin College in Michigan in the year of 2001.

Piyali- Disliked High School very much in America. She Always felt like Americans did not have manners. Never really knew her true identity when her and her family moved to the United States.

Main Characters:
Asis: Has a Doctorate in Chemistry. Father of both Priyanka, and Piyali. His wife is Inidra whom he met at a friend's social gathering. He moved back to India for fourteen years, and shortly after marriage returned back to the United States where he settled down in Medina, Ohio.

Indira: The wife of Asis and mother of Priyanka and Piyali as well. She dropped out of college after marrying Asis, then later went back and got her degree at Cleveland State.
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