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power of dogs

how dogs help kids

Riley Richards

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of power of dogs

Presentation by: Riley Richards
The Power of Dogs in the Lives of Kids
Therapy Dogs
Ricochet - from Service Dog to Surfing Dog
Service Dogs
Skilled Companion
Facility Dogs
Courthouse Dogs
Echo Glen
Pet Dogs
Ricochet raised $100,000 for Patrick
Kid completely trust a dog and therefore it reduces their anxiety so they are able to testify.
The dogs help kids improve their reading skills.
The dogs make reading more fun and less stressful.
Pet dogs help people get more exercise.
Dogs help people get out of a state of depression
People tend to relax around dogs
Reading Dogs
Frankie has inspired lots of kids to believe in themselves
She has helped many kids through their therapy
Therapy dogs are someone's pet that that they hope would make a good therapy animal
Service dogs are specially bred and trained
A type of dog for a person with disabilities (usually a child)
These dogs are a type of service dog that are trained to work with a facilitator.
Eco Glen is a juvenile correctional facility in Snoqualmie
therapy dogs provide physical, social and emotional benefits
The money pays for therapy so he can walk across the stage to get his diploma
Service dogs help people with disabilities
The dogs can work in healthcare, visitation or an educational settings.
Under the guidance of a facilitator (usually a parent or caregiver)
They have a Canine Connections program where the kids train dogs that are unwanted and neglected so they can be adopted
Ryther is a non-profit organization in north Seattle
Ryther's therapy dogs work with children who have experienced sever cases of abuse and neglect
These dogs have brought about major changes in how we meet the emotional needs of children in the justice system.
They can perform over 40 commands to motivate and inspire.
Some of the benefits include more independence, the dog serves as a social bridge and increases confidence.
These are ways dogs help kids in stressful situations and disabilities
Judy with her therapy dog Nariko
I am amazed at how well dogs have adapted and loved their humans
Dog's relationship with humans is so important and unique
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