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English-speaking Countries

UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland

Michaela Zacko

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of English-speaking Countries

English - Speaking Countries Michaela Žačková English-speaking countries: United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland
New Zealand UK consits of 4 countries: 1. England

2. Scotland

3. Wales

4. Northern Ireland England Capital: London

Population: 50 mil.

Symbol: Tudor rose

Religion: Anglicanism
UK the territory was invaded by Celtic tribes - one of them was called Britons - Britannia

constitutional monarchy
Queen Elisabeth II.

Food: Fish & Chips, English breakfast, black tea

Sports: football, cricket

Anthem: God Save the Queen

National hero: Robin Hood (Sherwood Forest) Famous People SCIENCE
Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Alexander Fleming, Stephen Hawking

William Shakespeare, Bronte sis., Jane Austen, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien BANDS
The Beatles, The Queen, Rolling Stones
London Buckingham Palace Big Ben London Eye Tower of London Stonehenge Oxford & Cambridge Stratford upon Avon burial ground temple of Druids' birthplace of William Shakespeare Scotland castle country (1 000)
Capital: Edinburgh
Largest city: Glasgow
Language: Gaelic
Food: Haggis
Floral emblem: Thistle
Highest mountain: Ben Nevis (Grampians)
+ bagpipes
+ tartan
+ kilt
St. Andrew's Cross Wales Capital: Cardiff
Language: Welch (celtic l.)
Symbols: Daffodil & Leak
Famous people:
Roald Dahl, Richard Burton, Cathrine Zeta-Jones

Prince of Wales
Northern Ireland Capital: Belfast
Titanic was built in Belfast
The Troubles - conflict between the Nationalists and Unionists
Famous people:
C S Lewis, Liam Neeson
Ulster Banner Giant's Causeway basalt columns
result of an ancient volcanic eruption
it's on World Heritage Site by UNESCO Ireland St. Patrick's Day Interesting Facts Capital: Dublin

Symbol: green Shemrock

Musical instrument: Harp

Language: Irish Gaelic

Religion: Catholic (88%)
patron of Ireland
green colour
shamrock = trinity
no snakes

17th March the Irish consume in average 131 l of beer/year (2nd after Czechs)
Guiness - the largest brewery in the world (stout)
abortion is still illegal here
many Irish surnames begin with
"Mac" - son of
"O'" - grandson of
St George's Cross
(England) St Andrew's Cross (Scotland) St Patrick's Cross
(Ireland) Union Jack Famous People Johnatan Swift
Bram Stoker
Oscar Wilde
Samuel Beckett
Pierce Brosnan Where does Whiskey come from??? The Irish invented it, but Scotland is the spiritual home of whiskey Irish Scotch WHISKEY WHISKY destillation 3x 2x aging 3 yrs 2 yrs AUSTRALIA Sydney Animals smallest continent & BIGGEST island

constitutional monarchy (Elisabeth II.)
6 states + 2 territories

23 mil. inhabitants - 95% British origin
land of convicts (transportation until 1868)
Aboriginals (0,5 mil; 2,5%)

Capital: Canberra
Largest city: Sydney
6 top deadliest snakes! capital of New South Wales largest city in A
(4,6 mil ppl) Sydney Opera House Sydney Harbour Bridge largest steel arch bridge in the world measuring 1 149 meters in length barbie :) Great Barrier Reef Uluru Facts New Zealand New Zealand 2 islands (North & South)
constitutional monarchy (Elisabeth II.)
Population: 4 mil.
Capital: Wellington
Largest city: Auckland
Symbol: Kiwi 18 peaks over 3 000 metres
In 1893, NZ became the first country to give women the right to vote
NZ covers 50% of international trade in sheepmeat
original inhabitants are called MAORI
Canada Facts Places Canada 2nd largest country in the World
constitutional monarchy (Elisabeth II.)
Capital: Ottawa
Largest city: Toronto
1. English
2. French Symbols: Maple leaf, Beaver
Sports: Ice-hockey, lacrosse
it has 10 provinces and 3 territories
Famous people:
Lucy Maud Montgomery,
Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Keanu Reeves
Niagara Falls Manitoba & the Aurora Vancouver & Whistler where the Winter Olympics took place Toronto CN Tower Facts USA USA PLACES Capital: Washington
Largest city: New York City
50 states
Population: 315 mil.
3rd largest country
world's oldest federation
Symbol: Bald eagle
USA has NO OFFICIAL LANGUAGE largest state: Alaska
smallest state: Rhode Island
The USA has 845 motor vehicles for every 1 000 people
it has has the highest divorce rate
Halloween 31st October
costume parties Thanksgiving day of giving thanks for the blessing of the harvest and of the preceding year
USA & Canada
fourth Thursday of November The U.S. has the largest tourist industry.
It ranks third in the world. Grand Canyon - Arizona Statue of Liberty - New York Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming Hollywood Walk of Fame - California Mt. Rushmore - South Dakota Famous People SCIENCE
Alexander Graham Bell, T. Edison, Wright brothers, Neil Armstrong
Hemingway, Poe, J.D. Salinger
Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein MUSIC
Louis Armstrong, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson
Marilyn Monroe, Walt Disney, Martin Luther King,
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